Trevecca played a huge role in my life before I was even a student here.

My grandparents and my parents both met their spouses at Trevecca, and they’ve always told me how influential it was for them, recounting stories and reminiscing about their memories. I knew from an early age that Trevecca was where I wanted to go to college, and sure enough, here I am: a Trevecca graduate!

College never seemed scary to me. I’ve always been an independent person, and I already knew that Trevecca was an incredible place. By the time I was a senior in high school, I was so ready to be here. My first year at Trevecca was everything I hoped it’d be. I got an awesome job on campus. I found myself in a close-knit group of friends, and I loved my major. During my sophomore year, I got more involved on campus, joining the cheerleading team and the gospel choir. As a member of the choir, I was given the opportunity to sing with Carrie Underwood for the 2014 CMA Awards—talk about the experience of a lifetime!

Trevecca ended up blessing me with many more opportunities to come: trips to Washington, D.C., and New Orleans, working as a student admissions counselor and traveling the Southeast. I’ll always be grateful for those experiences and memories.

My junior and senior years flew by so quickly. e summer before my senior year was a di cult season for me. I experienced the loss of someone dear to me, then I had to jump right into a huge leadership position with student government. All the while, I was juggling classes and working part-time.

It was overwhelming.

But the Trevecca community has this way of seeing and knowing each student and their needs, drawing them in, showing them such grace and love. My professors reached out to me and prayed for me. My friends drew close and supported me in so many ways. My Trevecca community, in a sense, healed me. e power of the Lord was working through every person, and I’ll never forget that.

After kind of picking myself back up, I jumped right into student government. Being a part of the executive team and having such a large leadership role taught me more than I could ever have expected. SGA taught me that it’s always OK to ask for help. I learned to love more deeply, to listen first and speak later and to let go of my insecurities of not being enough. That group of students was the family I didn’t know I needed.

I went into college thinking I’d make a few friends, that I’d study 24/7 and that I’d get involved here and there. But God stepped in and threw me for quite a loop! Here I am, a TNU graduate, with an overwhelming number of friends, professors and mentors who I already miss dearly. Trevecca was hands-down the most influential four years of my life, and I already can’t wait to come home to the Hill.

Trevecca will always be my family.

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