By Princess Jones, '18

The first time I stepped foot in Nashville, Tenn., was when I walked on Trevecca's campus. I was a transfer student nine hours away from home, embarking on a new journey with God and education as he led me to Trevecca. I remember walking past The Bell Tower and feeling excited and scared. At that moment I had no idea that my two years at Trevecca would cultivate tremendous spiritual, personal and educational growth.

Years from now when Trevecca pops in my head the first thought to myself will be, That's the place where I began to fall in love with God. Christ culture is very apparent on the campus and I'm so thankful for the morning chapels, bible studies and worship nights with friends and classmates. As as Christian, it made a difference having an environment that spoke and lived the Truth. I read in an article once that 70 percent of Christian college students desert their faith upon entering college. Fortunately, I did not become another statistic. Being at Trevecca kept me from straying too far from the Father. When I began to stray, I just ended up right back in the middle of the school, facing the Jesus statue.

During my first welcome week at Trevecca, I recalled seeing Dr. Dan Boone walking around casually talking to people. My thought was, What college has their president engaging with students on this level? That's when I knew I was in a place that cared about their students.

Today, I'm in New York City studying journalism from amazing journalists who have worked and work in prestigious newsrooms. Sometimes when I'm on my balcony looking at the Statue of Liberty, I get scared. However, those are the times I think back to how I felt passing Trevecca's bell tower. Many of my professors poured into me—with JoEllen Werking-Weedman, Lena Hegi Welch and Jeffrey Wells being the most memorable. Being a student can be overwhelming at times, but professors encouraging you will make a world of difference. Majoring in journalism, I spent a lot of time with Ms. Weedman. She came in class blazing, full of energy and ready to teach. There were many times I wanted to give up, but Ms. Weedman would pull me to the side and tell me that I had what it took to be a great journalist.

It's then I remember I learned and conquered once and I will do it again.