by Stephany Ordonez

As leaders, I believe we are called to experience discomfort in every way, shape, and form possible. Being a leader is not about being in the highest position or having the most important title—it’s about walking alongside others in this beautiful journey called life. We often get this misconception that being a leader is about doing all the right things so there’s no room for mistakes or failures. We go day by day, making sure we are fulfilling certain expectations, meeting specific requirements or proving ourselves to others in order to feel that we are good enough.

However, in the attempts to do so, we begin to lose ourselves.

My years at Trevecca have encouraged me to dive deeper into what this concept of servant leadership really entails. I have come to the realization that being a leader is not only about exercising the power given to you but also about pouring out your heart to others with the attempt of doing life together. The difference between a leader and a servant leader is that the servant leader leads others but also allows room to let others lead him or her.

At Trevecca, I have learned the importance of leading and loving others well through the stories that have been shared with me and the life-giving conversations I have been able to have with those around me. Leading with a servant heart requires both vulnerability and intentionality—having the mind and the heart in the right place has helped me be rooted in the service that goes along with it.

I believe that my leadership positions have allowed me to invest in the lives of others while also being able to grow together with the community. My hope is not to take what has been given to me for granted. Looking back at Jesus and His leadership, I strive to be the servant leader He has called me to be—a leader who constantly looks for the well-being of others, who takes the time to listen to other’s stories and who genuinely loves and takes care of others.


Stephany Ordonez, SGA vice president
Senior, majoring in social work with a minor in nonprofit organizational leadership