Trevecca Alumni Share the Stories of How they Met

Wes and Roberta Eby: Roberta and I met as freshman in 1954. But our first date was not until our sophomore year during TWIRP week. Roberta asked me for the first date, and we had an up-and-down romance for several months. As juniors we became serious, and engaged as seniors. We married the summer after we were graduated in 1958. Shall I say "hurrah" for TWIRP week?

Don and Brenda Hastings: We met in chapel, when I sporatically showed up. Her last name was Hancock and mine was Hastings so we sat together in chapel. Our vocal instructor, Ramon Unruh, also saw to it that we sang a duet together in one of the spring concerts. But there were doubters, in the words of many of our friends, B.K. is fine china and you Hastings, are a styrofoam cup. This past December 21st the Fine China and The Syrofoam cup have been married for 41 years. Thanks Trevecca.

John and Rebecca Merrick: It was one of Dr. Pepper's first years at Trevecca. I heard he was a good professor for World Civilization, so I decided to finally take that class as a sophomore. I sat next to a guy I'd met before since most people in the class were a year ahead of me... I didn't seem to know anyone except him. Well, let's just say, sitting next to John made a dreaded history class easier. (Sorry Dr. Pepper, history is not for everyone.) John and I started dating the next semester. We spent most of the following summer apart because I was gone to Croatia for Youth IN Mission. I guess we missed each other--that's an understatement of course. We were engaged the following semester--John proposed at Percy Priest Lake at sunset one Sunday night just before I had lobby duty as a night RA in Johnson Dorm for the rest of the evening. I remember all the basketball girls screaming when I flashed the engagement ring John had given to me. John was the 1st radio voice of the Lady Trojans, so he spent time interviewing them and riding buses to and from games. I specifically remember Charity Williams coming in; she seemed more excited than I had been. We didn't tie the knot until almost two years later, once we both graduated. We had lots of good times dating while at Trevecca. Our double-dating buddies, fellow Trevecca students Ken and Rachel (Elms) Barnes, are to thank for helping us get to know each other better. Thanks to my Trevecca experience, I met the guy of my dreams and have enjoyed him ever since!

Loren and Teresa Murray: Teresa and I met at in high school and came to Trevecca at the encouragement of my parents. We were not Christ followers before coming to TNU. Not only did we find Christ while at TNU, we began a God-honoring dating relationship and finally married my senior year. We just celebrated 27 years of marriage and remember our days at Trevecca with fondness. The foundation we recieved has helped us build a Godly marriage and we currently enjoy teaching the newly married class at our church.