Jenny Beth Willis
Where I'm from: 
Owensboro, KY
Major: Music Business
Instruments: Voice
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The beautiful campus!
Favorite thing about Redeemed: They're pretty cool cats.
Favorite venue I've played: KFC Yum center
Five things I love: Netflix, sleeping, makeup, crab legs, Louisville Cardinals

Jacob Lagesse
Where I'm from:
 Bourbonnais, IL
Major: Music Business
Instrument: Voice
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The community
Favorite thing about Redeemed: Brent Sharpe
Favorite venue I've played: Grand Ole Opry
Strangest experience on stage: …I don’t want to talk about it…
Five things I love: Baseball, Buffalo Wild Wings, The Office, Jason Robinson, Adam Vaughn-my main soundman.

Brent Sharpe
Where I'm from:
 Blythewood South Carolina
Major: Worship Arts (Commercial vocal performance minor)
Instrument: Voice, guitar
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The Godly friendships I have made and the musical opportunities that are everywhere.
Favorite thing about Redeemed: The people in it, and the fact that we get to show God through my favorite style of music
Favorite venue I've played: National Anthem at a Trevecca basketball game.
Strangest experience on stage: Katie Rose asking me if I had a piece of paper for her to put her gum in while the pastor was praying.
Five things I love: God, My truck, my family, my friends, and music

Dana Hood
Where I'm from:
 Rocky Mount, NC
Major: Social Work
Instrument: Voice
Favorite thing about Trevecca: Beautiful Campus and family feeling
Favorite thing about Redeemed: The bond that we have with one another
Favorite venue I've played: Grand Ole Opry
Strangest experience on stage: A friend of mine tripped over her microphone and I had to catch her!
Five things I love: Dalmatians, the color green, Dr. Pepper, scary movies, my dog

Benjamin Teal Davis
Where I'm from:
 Hartsville, South Carolina
Major: Classical vocal performance
Instrument: Voice
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The friendships that I have made and the mentors that have helped me strive to be a better man of God every day
Favorite thing about Redeemed: The awesome people I work with.
Favorite venue I've played: Trevecca Legacy Partners Event at Trevecca
Strangest experience on stage: I unfortunately sang an entire song set with my zipper down.
Five things I love: God, Classical Music, Opera (they are different), my amazing friends, and video games