Evan Joseph Hall
Where I'm from:
 Murfreesboro, TN
Major: Commercial Music (Voice) 
Instruments: Voice, guitar, bass, piano
Favorite thing about Trevecca: Being in Nashville with a spiritual community
Favorite thing about Awaken: Daniel’s guitar tone and Austin’s stache
Favorite venue I've played: All school praise and worship service
Strangest experience on stage: I think I played with my zipper down once… sorry…
Five things I love: Baco Tell, Guitar gear, The Belonging, my beautiful Mommy, reverb.com 

Dylan Mills
Where I'm from: Cincinnati, OH 
Major: Commerical music
Instruments: Drums
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The people and the music
Favorite thing about Awaken: Jackson Poole
Favorite venue I've played: Music City Center
Strangest experience on stage: My cymbal fell and hit me in the face during the middle of a song
Five things I love: Sports, drums, whales, cake, and metronomes 

Jackson Poole
Where I'm from: North Augusta, SC
Major: Accounting
Instruments: Electric Guitar
Favorite thing about Trevecca: There is always something to do and the family feeling
Favorite thing about Awaken: Dylan Mills
Favorite venue I've played: I’ve valeted at the Country Music Hall of Fame…
Strangest experience on stage: I don’t want to talk about it…
Five things I love: God, desserts, friends, music, and TALKING!

Daniel Parks 
Where I'm from: Maryland, TN
Major: Commerical Music
Instruments: Electric bass
Favorite thing about Trevecca: Being in Nashville
Favorite thing about Awaken: We work together well
Favorite venue I've played: Resurrection 2015/ Gatlinburg Conference Center
Strangest experience on stage: I had a one hit wonder character, Danni Lovato. I was in a dress and heels and sang Camp Rock.
Five things I love: Guitars, Telecasters, Star Wars, shoes, clothes

Olivia Calderwood
Where I'm from: Normandy, TN (2nd smallest town in TN)
Major: Worship Arts
Instruments: Voice, Guitar, Piano
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The welcoming, genuine environment/community
Favorite thing about Awaken: We’re all pretty easy going and laugh a lot!
Favorite venue I've played: The Hard Rock Café in Nashville 
Strangest experience on stage: The first time I played acoustic plugged into a soundboard, I forgot that I had a “leash,” walked too far, and pulled the board onto the floor. Yikes!
Five things I love: God, Singing, Puns!!!, volleyball, CHEESECAKE!

Austin Bush
Where I'm from: Nashville, TN
Major: Commercial music
Instruments: Bass (electric & upright)
Favorite thing about Trevecca: Fiesta Fridays and Jeff Cox (Bass professor) 
Favorite thing about Awaken: We tell terrible puns all the time
Favorite venue I've played: This soup kitchen that few the homeless by day and was a venue by night. They had a killer 74 V4-B Ampeg head that I back-lined. Loved that venue.
Strangest experience on stage: A trumpet player completely knocked over my rig!!!
Five things I love: Lamp, book, movie, food, bass