Cole Ellis
Where I'm from:
 Richmond, VA
Major: Commercial Music
Instruments: Voice, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Banjo, Tambourine
Favorite thing about Trevecca: Being in Nashville
Favorite thing about Refuge: Gang Vocals
Favorite venue I've played: A stage where performances happen
Strangest experience on stage: Talking to someone on stage and not realizing the mic was still on
Five things I love: Music, art, songwriting, sleep, C.S. Lewis

Christian Eason
Where I'm From:
 St. Augustine, FL
Major: Commerical music
Instruments: Bass and Drums
Favorite thing about Trevecca: the opportunity to play music at many school events
Favorite thing about Refuge: the musical diversity that we are able to accomplish
Favorite venue I've played: Trojan Idol
Strangest experience on stage: My drummer had food poisoning so I had to jump in and play the set for him
Five things I love: Taco Bell, puppies, baja blast, funk music, 90’s alternative rock

Elizabeth “Paige” Dorne 
Where I'm from:
 Columbus, OH
Major: Organizational Communications and Music Business
Instruments: DRUMZ
Favorite thing about Trevecca: It is close to so many good food places and cool Nashville neighborhoods!
Favorite thing about Refuge: So. Many. Vocalists! Harmonies are on fleek. 
Favorite venue I've played: Really cool camp in Northern California
Strangest experience on stage: I broke both sticks during the same song and ran to grab another set of sticks from my bag… I ended up grabbing a stick and a sharpie. I played the rest of the song with a sharpie.
Five things I love: Vanilla coke, Baja Burrito’s Pineapple salsa, ice cream, hammocking (is that a verb?), sleeping

Madyson Williams
Where I'm from:
 Batesburg, SC
Major: Commercial Music Songwriting
Instruments: Acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals
Favorite thing about Trevecca: I love living in Nashville and all of the musical connections that come with going to TNU.
Favorite thing about Refuge: Our harmonies and diversity
Favorite venue I've played: The Princess Theater in Harriman, TN
Strangest experience on stage: One time my guitar started picking up a signal from an oldies radio station and “We are Family” started playing through the speakers during the service
Five things I love: Sweet tea, classic rock, readers digest, star wars, folk music

Auburn McCormick
Where I'm from: Saltillo, MS
Major: Commerical Voice
Instruments: Voice, and guitar
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The loving atmosphere
Favorite thing about Refuge: Our ability to goof off and have fun
Favorite venue I've played: Carnegie Hall
Strangest experience on stage: I wore bright red lipstick on stage. It got on the mic which in turn got on my face…
Five things I love: The color black, archery, fashion, Phantom of the Opera, Chocolate chip cookies

Logan Palmer
Where I'm from: 
Mount Sterling, KY
Major: NPWI
Instruments: Guitar and keys
Favorite thing about Trevecca: Trevecca’s sense of community
Favorite thing about Refuge: We always make our music fun
Favorite venue I've played: Denver Convention Center
Strangest experience on stage: Playing a whole worship set with my guitar unplugged
Five things I love: Music, Ale 8 soda, hunting, farming, Needtobreathe