We believe in

* Mission that is theological. The mission of God, and of the church, is the renewal of all creation.  In light of this, we believe that missions should be multi-dimensional and holistic. We believe that there is no corner of the world in which God’s love is not already at work in. We are joining that work and believe as David Bosch said “to participate in mission is to participate in the movement of God’s love toward people.”

* Mission that is incarnational. Because Jesus came to meet humanity where we are in the flesh, we too seek to meet people where they are. We pray that we share the light of Christ through our actions as much as our words. We bring a message of light that breaks through darkness and life that overcomes even death. We serve a God who is no stranger to darkness, but instead went through it and overcame it. We follow Christ who is Immanuel- God with us. In light of that, we believe in the power of presence, the power of solidarity, and the power of being in hard and broken places with others.

* Mission that is humanizing. Building relationships is central to the work of missions. Our teams will learn to build authentic relationships with those whom they are working alongside and help to facilitate the building of relationships for those who work long-term in that particular setting. The work of missions treats all persons with dignity and respect, particularly those persons to whom and with whom we are ministering. We believe all people are created in the image of God. We believe that every person longs to love and be loved, that we all have purpose, and that everyone has something to offer. Missions calls us into relationships of mutuality where we are both giver and receiver, where we listen to others as well as share our own stories.

* Mission that is service. We go to serve alongside the body of Christ throughout the world and partner in fulfilling whatever needs they may have. We join our hosts in serving their community by offering our energy and time to both physical tasks and relationship building. Missions calls us to a variety of roles.  We do not come to a ministry experience with a single role, but we are called to serve as a learner, listener, partner and encourager. We believe that mission can look different in a variety of cultures and contexts. We seek to be flexible throughout the duration of our trips in response to the needs and cultural differences of our hosts in both our attitudes and actions.