Full attendance of training sessions

Training is essential to Trevecca Around the Globe trips. We want our students to be prepared, but we also want to send prepared teams to our hosts. Full attendance and participation is mandatory for training sessions and team meetings. Exceptions will be made for serious illness, academic conflicts, and family emergencies. Every effort will be made to schedule meetings well ahead of time. If students become aware of a scheduling conflict, they must contact the Coordinator.

If meetings or training sessions are missed, a make-up assignment or one-on-one meeting will be required.

Required forms and personal responsibility

Throughout the training process, students will be asked to sign forms indicating their personal responsibility for their participation in the program. These forms will also clearly state the expectations for Trevecca Around the Globe participants. These forms include:

  • Letter of Agreement- This form indicates the student’s desire to participate; it is their written commitment to fully commit to their Trevecca Around the Globe trip. This form also indicates full personal financial responsibility for all non-recoverable expenses made on the student’s behalf by the program.
    • Participants should not enter into the program lightly or with the thought that they might back out when the program is challenging. Still, unforeseen circumstances may arise and sometimes the wisest decision is to self-withdraw from the program. Students will be counseled about their decision but never coerced to remain in the program
    • Participants may be asked to leave the program due to poor attendance at training or other behavior that is contrary to program training and policies or violations of the laws of the USA or host country. They may also be dismissed for repeated noncooperation with trip hosts or team leaders. When dismissal occurs on the trip, students may be flown home at their own expense and will meet with a member of the Office of the Chaplain.
  • Information Sheet and Medical History- The information sheet provides the program with additional personal information we may need to make preparations for your travel, including the acquisition of travel visas. There is also a health history form. This information will be kept confidentially and only shared with team leaders and members of the Office of the Chaplain.
    • We may also ask trip participants to sign a document for travel release of liability.

Financial Considerations

Expenses for Trevecca Around the Globe trips may be covered in the following three ways:

  • Donations to the program by family and friends
  • Payment from the participant or an immediate family member
  • Individual and team fundraising

Trevecca Around the Globe recognizes that most participants are not able to just “go on their own.”  We strive to provide an array of opportunities for our participants to fundraise. We encourage participants to be creative in how they fundraise. We also provide all resources necessary for letter-writing. Mission is a communal practice, and financial and prayerful supporters are a big part of that. Taking a step like this beautifully depends on the encouragement, prayer, and guidance of our community. It is a beautiful and healthy thing to lean on our friends, family, mentors, and community in this process for wisdom and courage.

  • Donations- Donations to Trevecca Around the Globe through the university are tax-deductible. As such, they are non-refundable and must be used for ministry. All donations will be used to support Trevecca Around the Globe participants and the ongoing work of our host’s ministry worldwide. 
  • Timelines- Timelines for deposit deadlines will be provided for each trip. Adherence to these deadlines is taken very seriously. Although we understand that total control of when funds will come in is not realistic, the organizations, travel agencies, ministries, etc. require deposits at certain times. If deadlines are consistently disregarded, Trevecca Around the Globe may ask a participant to leave the program.  
  • The Program Fee includes the following:
    • Roundtrip ground transportation from Trevecca Nazarene University to the airport, as needed
    • Roundtrip travel to the host site or country
    • All ground, air, or maritime transportation during the trip, as arranged by the host
    • Room and board, as arranged by the host
    • Ministry supplies
    • Travel visa fees, if needed
    • Arrival and departure fees and taxes, if required by the government
    • Minimal costs directly associated with student training and support raising
    • Any tourism activities that may be arranged by the hosts
    • All essential incidental expenses (Participants will be expected to pack as indicated in their training)
  • The Program Fee does not include the following:
    • Passport applications or renewal fees
    • Travel immunizations (Requirements vary by trip location and the participant’s own medical insurance policies)
    • Souvenirs (We cannot guarantee there will be an opportunity for souvenir shopping, as this is not the focus of the trip. We would not recommend bringing more than $100 of personal money on this trip to use if the opportunity does arise)
    • Connecting air travel to/from your home/summer residence, as needed (If a participant needs to return to a different location than the BNA airport, they should make the program aware immediately in order to make travel arrangements and discuss financial considerations)

Trevecca Around the Globe is committed to sound financial planning. The trip cost will never increase above the published amount.

  • To participants who raise more donations for their own program fee: Any extra funds will be used at program discretion to scholarship other students in serious need or to support the host ministry.
    • If a participant makes large amounts of personal payments towards their program fee and then exceeds their fee with donations, personal payments may be refunded
  • If a participant withdraws from a trip for any reason, they have the option to save their funds for a trip for a following year (if they are not graduating). They may refund any personal payments, but any donations (if not saved for the future) must be used to support other trip participants or the host ministries.

Communication Policy

Trevecca Around the Globe does not allow for direct communication between trip participants and home during the trip. This policy exists for the following reasons:

  • In the event of an emergency, all communication needs to flow clearly and quickly to the Trevecca Around the Globe Coordinator so the appropriate response can be activated quickly. In emergency situations, we will put the participants in touch with their family as quickly as possible. We can often act quicker and respond to the situation faster than if the student calls directly.
    • The Trevecca Around the Globe Coordinator is available 24/7 while the trips are out. The Coordinator monitors the travel, keeps up to date on travel advisories throughout the duration of the trip, and stays in consistent communication with the hosts.
  • In an age of constant distraction and noise, we want to enable our students to be totally present throughout the duration of this trip. Personal communication during the trip can draw participants’ minds back home instead of where their feet actually are. Personal calls can also exacerbate any potential feelings of homesickness. This communication policy allows for a more cohesive team dynamic. We want participants to experience their trips through their own eyes, hands, and feet, rather than through a lens. We believe participants will be better equipped to build connections with the hosts and ministries under this policy.
  • In some cases, communication to home can simply just be hard to access or expensive. We want to have equality between all Trevecca Around the Globe participants. Not all participants will be able to afford communicating from overseas. Not all trips will have easy access to communication.

Please respect this communication policy. When parents secretly violate the policy and mandate their daughter or son to call or text daily and then for some non-emergency reason (cell-phone battery, out-of-network range, no time, forgetfulness, etc.) the student is unable to communicate, the parent can be placed into an unnecessary position of worry. Violating this communication policy often hurts more than helps.

The Trevecca Around the Globe Coordinator will be in contact with the team leaders and hosts every 3-4 days to receive and send out an update on the team’s work and wellbeing. Participants provide email addresses for those they would like included in an update list. The Coordinator will share updates with this email list as soon as they can. If 4-5 days pass without communication from the team or host, the Coordinator will begin making repeated attempts to contact the team leaders and hosts; this situation has yet to occur.