March 16-18, 2018

How does one learn about silence? By being silent.
How does one hear the voice of God? By listening.

We know that both of these are much easier said than done. The goal of this retreat will be to help us minimize distractions and noise so that we might gain a better understanding of how to be silent and how to truly listen for the voice of God.

This retreat will be in silence. That means minimal talking, no cell phones, no internet, and no TVs.

Don't worry, you won't be alone. We will be doing this in community, and you will be in the presence of God.

Union with God in prayer requires us to learn to quiet ourselves--yes, from the noises which surround us, but also from inward noises (restlessness, fears, our agenda's, etc.) It is this stillness and emptiness which allows us to be open to hearing the voice of God.

Retreats are designed to be "springboards" or "catalysts."

By deeply immersing ourselves for a short time within a setting which is away from our everyday tasks and duties, it gives us the opportunity to re-focus and re-prioritize our busy and noisy lives.

This retreat will be no different. You will be immersed in an ancient culture of silence. My prayer is that this experience will be that "jumpstart" that you need to bring the spiritual disciplines of silence, prayer, Scripture reading, meditation, and solitude back into your everyday lives.

Are you looking for a true retreat, a chance to read, pray, rest, and enjoy nature? There will be no agendas, no meetings, and no requirements--just being quiet before God and listening for His voice.

If this is what you are looking for then...

Register Here

Latest date to apply: Monday, March 12.

Unfortunately, we only have 25 spots, so "first come, first served."

The cost for the retreat is $50 for students and $75 for staff, faculty, or alumni. This cost covers your transportation as well as room and board.

There will be a MANDATORY pre-retreat session that will give you all the specific details as well as give you tools and resources to help you make the most of this experience. Two identical sessions will be offered so you may attend either pre-retreat session. These session times will be sent to you.


Friday, March 16

12:45 PM: Load up at TNU (CLCS)
1:00 PM: Pray, and Leave TNU
[Time Change]
5:00 PM: Arrive at Loretto Motherhouse
5:30—6:00 PM: Light Dinner (Conversations in Community)
6:15 PM: Check-in/Orientation (Led by JoAnn Gates)
Silence Begins

Saturday, March 17

7:30—8:30 AM: Breakfast (Conversations in Community)
12:10—1:00 PM: Lunch (Conversation in Community)
1:00—3:00 PM: (Optional) Silent Tour to the Abbey of Gethsemani Monastery (Meet in the parking lot)
5:30—6:00 PM: Light Dinner (Conversation in Community)

Sunday, March 18

7:30—8:30 AM: Breakfast (Conversation in Community)
12:10—1:00 PM: Lunch (Conversation in Community)
5:30—6:00 PM: Light Dinner (Conversation in Community)
6:15 PM: Silence ends
6:15 PM: Testimonies/Reflections & Wesley Covenant Renewal Service (Led by Brent Tallman)
8:00 PM: Load up and Leave Loretto Motherhouse
[Time Change]
10:00 PM: Arrive back at TNU (CLCS)

The sisters would like to encourage you to participate with them in the hours of prayer (these are optional).

These services are offered at the following times in the church:
Saturday: 10:00am
Saturday: 5:15pm
Sunday: 10:00am

Register Here

Latest date to apply: Monday, March 12.


Contact Shawna Gaines (615-248-1585) or Brent Tallman (931-797-8795)