All of the following are words from our 2017 student fellows.

"I learned that the forgotten and few are just as much my neighbors as the ones I'm surrounded by in my daily life." - Ronnessa

"I arrived wanting to learn more and when I had left I had made 23 amazing friends and received 2 amazing mentors to help me with my walk with Christ and there is nothing like it." - Jasmine

"During the Six8 Fellowship, I learned, or was reminded that everyone is made in the image of God and that I can't love other like God loves them, without first loving myself. I learned who my neighbor is and that I should keep making room at my table for more neighbors. I also learned and was shown that I can make a difference. It all starts with one person and that person can be me." - Cheyenne  

"I learned to trust in Him and His plan for me. I learned the importance of community and to look at things and people with a different perspective. And everyone carries baggage and everyone's story is important." - Hailey 

"I love how the mentors treated everyone and how they wanted everyone to feel safe enough to share their thoughts and feelings." - Rouve Jacques

"At first, it was rocky for us to open up. But, that's expected for a group of teenagers who do not really know each other. As the week went along though, we all saw sides of each other that we would normally not see every day. We were vulnerable. We became comfortable to share what we were thinking and feeling. It became a safe place. We became a family." - Cheyenne

"It was week of self-discovery and transformation with one another. It was a week of fellowship and never-ending conversation. It was a week of being neighbors to and with each other." - Paige [Read more]

"Six8 has shaped a part of me that will never be undone and I will forever be grateful for that part. My question now is, Who is not your neighbor?" - Erin
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