Campaign Leadership

The following individuals are serving as the Campaign Steering Committee:

  • Dr. Wendel L. Nixon ’72, Chair
  • Ms. Deborah Ellis Story ’94
  • The Honorable Charles A. Davis ’70
  • Dr. Roy E. Rogers '70
  • Dr. Dan L. Boone '74
  • Ms. Peggy J. Cooning

Mr. Winton Smith, J.D. serves as counsel for the campaign leadership. Mr. Smith is a practicing attorney on retainer with Trevecca who as over 30 years of experience assisting individuals with their gift-planning needs.

Accomplishing the Goals

With the direction and leadership of its campaign steering committee, Trevecca is embarking on a $75 million comprehensive campaign and seeks to partner with its alumni and friends to raise over the next five years, $25 million in current gifts and pledges and confirm $50 million in future gifts committed to the University through individuals’ estate plans.

Trevecca campaign leaders will partner with individuals and organizations that share the vision set forth in the campaign for their financial support over a five-year period. Additionally, Trevecca alumni and friends will be encouraged to make a designation for the University in their estate plans to help ensure the thriving Trevecca mission. 

Campaign Priorities

  1. $13 million: Student scholarships
  2. $5 million: Addition for music facilities
  3. $4 million: Athletic facility improvements/phase one
  4. $1 million: Urban farm
  5. $2 million: Operational support
  6. $50 million: New confirmed estate and life inceome gifts

Naming Opportunities

  • Annual Scholarships: $5,000 Minimum ($1,000 per year awarded for 5 years)
  • Endowed Scholarships: $20,0000 Minimum (Earnings only awarded from permanent fund)

View Music Building Floor Plans

New Music Building

Building Name $3,000,000
Black Box/Performance Venue $1,500,000
Live Recording Studio $250,000
Choral Practice $250,000
Instrumental Practice $250,000
Music Garden $250,000
Lobby $100,000
NPWI Studio $100,000
Classroom $100,000
Classroom $100,000
Classroom $100,000
Student Study Lounge $50,000
Band Practice Room $50,000
Band Practice Room $50,000
Guitar Communication Studio $50,000
Faculty Studio $25,000
Faculty Studio $25,000
Faculty Studio $25,000
Conference Room $25,000
Practice Room $10,000
Practice Room $10,000
Practice Room $10,000
Practice Room $10,000
Practice Room $10,000
Practice Room $10,000
Practice Room $10,000
Faculty Office $10,000
Faculty Office $10,000
Music Library $10,000


Renovation of current music building (Wakefield)

Builiding Name $2,000,000
Auditorium $1,000,000
Recording Studio $500,000
Percussion Lab $250,000
Music Computer Lab $50,000


Athletic Facilities Phase One

Auxiliary Gymnasium $3,000,000
Locker Room (baseball) $100,000
Locker Room (men's soccer) $100,000
Locker Room (women's soccer) $100,000
Locker Room (softball) $100,000
Locker Room (women's cc) $100,000
Locker Room (men's cc) $100,000
Locker Room (women's rec) $100,000
Locker Room (men's rec) $100,000


Urban Farm Greenhouse

Urban Farm Greenhouse $1,000,000


“Trevecca had an enormous impact—academically and spiritually—on Betty’s and my life and that of the two of our three daughters who are Trevecca graduates. In our estate plans, we want to return a portion of God’s blessing on our family to the institution that helped us in our spiritual formation.”
Roy E. Rogers ‘70


Contact us

Peg Cooning
Vice President for External Relations