1. Reduce debt of graduating students and expand available scholarships funds to make Trevecca more affordable for new students and retaining current students.

For Trevecca’s class of 2015 in the traditional undergraduate program, the average size of the debt was $19,407. Through a combination of expanded scholarship funds and student employment through the Trevecca iWork program, the campaign will seek to make Trevecca more affordable for its students and their families.

“The opportunities I have been given through Trevecca have made me realize that I want to spend the rest of my life seeking after the heart of God, protecting the vulnerable, and building His kingdom on earth.” 
Erin McDowell '16, Religion major


2. Expand and update music facilities for Trevecca’s growing music programs that serve the community, schools, and the church. 

With growing enrollment in music-related educational programs, expanded classroom and practice spaces are a great need. The upcoming acquisition of the Volunteer Trucking property adjacent to the campus has created an opportunity to renovate and repurpose these facilities for additional music-related classrooms, practice spaces, and faculty offices.

Additionally, this property will allow the construction of a “black box,” a flexible theater and performance space. Wakefield, the current music building, will also receive much needed renovations to provide more efficient and attractive teaching environments. 

"I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Trevecca. My education and degree from this University have helped open doors for me that may otherwise been closed.”
Deborah Ellis Story '94


3. Expand cramped athletic facilities to serve diverse and growing NCAA II athletic programs as well as a growing student body.

The first phase of improving the facilities in the Trojan Fieldhouse and the Mark R. Moore PE Center would be a building addition that would include additional locker rooms and a practice/auxiliary gym. These two priorities are critical for Trevecca’s growing number of student athletes. Currently, four teams are without locker room space and the 33 baseball players must share only three shower heads. Because of limited practice space, some teams must hold practice at 4 a.m. to have access to facilities. Such an enhancement would also provide significant additional benefit to the student body at large for intramural sports and other related activities.

"Achieving NCAA Division II membership is a victory for the entire Trevecca community. Beyond the added exposure for Trevecca by playing top regional and national opponents, it gives our student athletes unique experiences in incredible settings. The types of opportunities and environments afforded because of this change continue to grow the character and faith of our students.”
Mark Elliott, Athletic Director


4. Increase staffing and expand Trevecca’s Urban Farm to grow opportunities for student employment/research experiences and community outreach.

Trevecca Urban Farm has grown out of the J.V. Morsch Center for Social Justice which was established in 2009. The main focus of the farm is to teach sustainable farming and creation care. It serves as a campus extension and community resource for the demonstration and practice of these techniques. The Farm received the 2015 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award.

This initiative would include the addition of a commercial-sized greenhouse with a hydroponics and aquaponics system, additions to the new barn to allow for more efficient care of farm animals, teaching space, and areas for farm visitors. An increase in farm staffing and expansion of the farm’s facilities will grow opportunities for student employment/experiences and community outreach.

“Working on Trevecca’s Urban Farm has given me a lot that classrooms don’t offer. I’ve learned how to take better care of the planet God entrusted to us. I’ve learned about history, economy, and the importance that sustainable farming holds for the future. I’ve learned about community and solidarity and stewardship. Most of all, I can feel God’s presence through His creation. I believe God has used the farm and the people I’ve met there to change my life.”
Taylor Flemming ‘17, Social Justice major

5. Build operational infrastructure to support timely university growth.

As Trevecca programs and student population continue to grow and expand, it is important to build on the university infrastructure to ensure that effective and efficient systems exist in support of the campus operations.

“I can see that my four years at Trevecca provided the essential preparation for the new beginnings that were to come. I never felt academically unprepared for any course in graduate school or law school. Most importantly, the spiritual foundation that Trevecca fostered in me provided me stability and commitment to God and His church.”
Charles Davis '70


6. Ensure Trevecca’s future impact on Christian higher education and Kingdom work in our world.

Through thoughtful and intentional estate planning that includes Trevecca Nazarene University, donors’ transformational gifts can ensure that Trevecca’s mission can be continued well into the future. Should the day come when Christian universities no longer receive federal grants for education, it is vital that Trevecca have the resources to replace these funds.


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