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From 1901 to today

Trevecca’s story has deep roots and a long history. When J.O. McClurkan founded Trevecca in 1901, he created a school to shape godly servants who would, in turn, become leaders in their communities. McClurkan believed that relevant academic and professional programs in a Christian atmosphere could inspire students and provide them with practical expertise to transform our world.

More than a century later, Trevecca has grown from a small pastor’s training class in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, to a comprehensive Christian university, serving more than 2,600 students, including 1,200 plus traditional undergraduates still in the heart of Nashville. More than 28,000 Trevecca alumni live and serve in locations around the world. Although the University has grown considerably, Trevecca continues to nurture students who honor God and, through the academic process, help meet the needs of the world.

But Trevecca’s story also isn’t just about the past—and the next chapter of that story is just beginning. Under the presidential leadership of Dr. Dan Boone, the Trevecca community seeks to extend McClurkan’s vision and are making powerful, challenging, and inspiring plans to do so. This vision includes continuing to develop students of character, capable of leadership and service, and who are shaped by the habits and practices of the Christian tradition. Even as the Trevecca story begins a bold new chapter, the University will not leave the past behind. Trevecca’s culture continues to be infused with spiritual depth, intellectual rigor, and excellent service.

Trevecca aspires to be known through stories—stories of a transforming educational experience that empowers our graduates to have an impact on our broken world, provide integrity-filled leadership, and inspire their fellow human beings. Wherever Trevecca alumni go and whatever their chosen professions, they will become living stories, known for their Christ-like character and the real-world relevance of their expertise. Trevecca aims to attract and retain students who seek transformative experiences and lives full of meaning. Graduates will be prepared to invigorate the work of God in their families, churches, their communities, and their workplaces. As story-tellers of God, we want the world to hear about our graduates and the partners who enable the university to fulfill their dreams.

Message from the Chair

When I was approached with the opportunity to lead this unprecedented, ambitious, comprehensive campaign for Trevecca, I was humbled and at the same time extremely excited. You see, it was at Trevecca that my unshakable belief and trust in God and His sovereign will for my life was born and shaped. Academically, I was stimulated and challenged. Socially, my eyes were opened to the plight of the world around me and where I found my partner for life. Spiritually, I embraced His map for my journey. On the Trevecca hill, I learned the principles and values that are still my compass and keel. 

As I contemplate on God’s blessings, I am prompted to help pass on this gift that is Trevecca to our future generations. When I take time to consider the truly important, meaningful and significant ways I can return thanks and bless future generations, is it not to sustain and grow the place where I received such impactful blessings myself? I wholeheartedly believe it is! 

My commitment to this campaign, and yours, is a part of the stories of our lives. I want my story to end well. I want my story to be a blessing to as many as possible. And the great thing is that we all can choose to be a part of this story. No matter if amounts you choose to contribute are great or small; you can be a part of the story. 

My challenge to classmates, former and present students, and everyone acquainted with Trevecca is to contribute according to the blessings that you have received. Make a difference and join in this opportunity to be a part of the continuing Trevecca story! 

Wendel L. Nixon, '72
Campaign Chair



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