Investment Committee Scholarship Endowment Challenge Fund

The Trevecca Investment Committee has created a Scholarship Endowment Challenge Fund to encourage alumni and friends to help grow Trevecca’s scholarship endowment. $350,000 has been committed to this fund from the individual gifts and pledges of Investment Committee members. The Challenge Fund will match gifts of $1,000-$10,000 made to Trevecca scholarship existing or new endowments until all of the funds are committed. Below are common questions about how the Challenge Fund works.

I have an existing endowed scholarship at Trevecca, how can I participate?

You can make a gift and or/written pledge toward the scholarship. The minimum gift or pledge is $1,000 and the maximum is $10,000.

Can more than one person participate for the same scholarship?

Yes! For example, two family members could each pledge $10,000. When the pledges are paid, that scholarship will have grown by $40,000: $20,000 gifted by the family members and the $20,000 from the challenge fund.

How would I make a pledge that would be eligible for the challenge fund match?

Pledges must be in writing (forms are here) and paid within three years.

I’m giving now to a current scholarship fund. Could the match be applied to my scholarship?

This challenge fund is specifically for endowed scholarships. This might be the time and opportunity to create an endowed scholarship with the same purposes of your current scholarship fund. That way, the fund continues to provide funding for scholarships indefinitely from the annual earnings.

I would like to start an endowed Trevecca scholarship, how can I participate?

Scholarships require a minimum of $20,000 to endow so this challenge fund is perfect for those who might be stretched to meet the minimum but could do it with a $10,000 gift or pledge. Remember multiple people can give to the same scholarship with a minimum gift or pledge of $1,000.

Can I make a gift over $10,000 and be eligible for the match?

Yes. However, only $10,000 will be added from the challenge fund to the endowed scholarship.

Do I have to decide right away to participate?

You can wait but once all of the funds in the Challenge Fund are committed the challenge will close. Already, donors have given over $250,000 to be matched by the fund, so you’ll want to make a commitment as early as possible.

I have more questions. Who do I call?

Call or e-mail Peg Cooning,, 615-248-1451 
Don Hastings,, 615-248-1436.