What is Trevecca Sunday?

Hosting a Trevecca Sunday allows your church to celebrate our students, our university and help make sure the legacy lasts long into the future. The support your local church provides to Trevecca is absolutely essential and helps to ensure a positive, affordable university experience for our students.

If you’re interested in hosting a Trevecca Sunday, click on the link below or call us at 615.248.1350. All the resources you need to host your special day can be found here. We’re excited to partner with your church in helping make more great stories possible for our students!

The Trevecca Sunday experience

It was a delight to welcome Don Hastings to Cleveland First Church for a Trevecca Sunday. The story of transformed lives helped us to vividly see the impact of our Education Budget. And the personal meetings with individuals seeking advice on planned giving was extremely helpful. Thanks for helping us feel like we belong to the Trevecca community!


"The Trevecca Sunday emphasis seemed to help those with a new connection to TNU; further solidifying our relationship with the school."

Carlton F. Harvey, Ph.D.
First Church of the Nazarene
Cleveland, MS

Having Trevecca represented in our morning services was a great accentuation to our worship. It was exciting to hear about the progress the school continues to make.

The Trevecca Sunday emphasis seemed to help those with a new connection to the TNU; further solidifying our relationship with the school. Knowing how to participate in prayer, participation & giving is essential to our partnership.

Our church participates in many different ways throughout the year but there is a personal touch that comes with having a representative share the passion & mission of the university in our worship services.

I highly recommend participating in Trevecca Sunday!

Matt Hastings
Estill Springs Church of the Nazarene 
Estill Springs, TN




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