Scholarship Info

Music Departmental Scholarships offer scholarships based on merit and needs. These are one-year scholarships that may be renewed annually based on evaluation of academics, ensemble participation, applied lesson performance, and overall participation. Scholarship and Entrance Audition requirements can be viewed here.
National Praise and Worship Institute Scholarship is a two-year scholarship for students that will automatically renew pending academic criteria and program requirements are maintained. Students interested in this scholarship will need to create an account and apply here.
Worship Arts Scholarship is a four-year scholarship that is renewable each year if the student continues to major in Worship Arts. The criteria for selection will be based on the scholarship application and submission of a video demonstrating their worship leading experience. Students demonstrating a call to worship ministry through the required essay will be given higher consideration.
Non-Major Music Scholarships are for students that are not majoring in Music but have musical talents. These scholarships are determined by abilities and ensemble enrollment in the Department of Music. There are a limited number of these scholarships available.  

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