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The COVID-19 pandemic brought the classroom instruction to a screeching halt across the country, while K-12 educators scrambled to convert their teaching plans to remote teaching modules. 

Trevecca wants to help ease the stress of our state’s educators and help them get back to doing what they love: teaching. That’s why the University will offer a free online professional development training that will help teachers learn the ins and outs of designing classes for remote instruction, use technology to enhance learning outcomes, make use of a variety of learning management systems and more.

“This free, online training will help equip Tennessee educators who serve our state’s K-12 student population with the necessary tools and skills needed for remote instruction,” said Dr. Dean Diehl, dean of Trevecca’s School of Graduate and Continuing Studies. “It will also provide a valuable opportunity for teachers to network with other educational professionals who are facing the same challenges and better equip them for the education methods of the future.” 

The FREE online training: 

  • Self-paced, low-stress, flexible and project-based
  • Meets state standards for remote instruction best practices
  • Learn from proven leaders who excel in digital literacy
  • Created with the help of leading TN K-12 school districts, universities and leadership from the online learning consortium

Upon completion of this FREE online module, K-12 professionals will possess the skills to:

  • Develop remote classroom design
  • Demonstrate effective use of instructional technology tools for remote instruction
  • Create supplemental, blended or hybrid content deliveries
  • Utilize a variety of learning management systems to manage content
  • Apply ADA Compliance and Accessibility for Universal Design
  • Apply copyright laws to remote classroom instruction
  • Implement a specialized IEP plan for content creation
  • Improve teaching resiliency

Network and share best practices with other K-12 professionals facing the same challenges of modern-day education. Learn to create engaging online and remote learning experiences with state-of-the-art remote instruction methods designed to meet the challenges of social distancing and other crises.

Completion of this training does not count towards college credit. Training available through September 1.

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What is the cost of this professional development training?

It’s absolutely free. Our training, Remote Tools for Teaching and Learning, is designed to equip K-12 educators with the skills they need to create rich remote learning environments.  

Will I receive a certificate or confirmation when I complete the training?

Yes. You’ll receive a badge of completion as you complete each of the four modules that make up the self-paced training.

Upon completion of this course, will I be able to use it toward my license renewal?

This is at the discretion of your school district. Some districts recognize this as credit, but we cannot guarantee that all of them will. Please check with your district leadership for the most accurate answer.

How long will it take me to complete this training?

The entire training should take about 10-15 hours in total. Some modules may only take an hour or two, while others may take more time. The training is self-paced, so feel free to spend more time exploring the content areas that interest you the most.

Is this training applicable to all grade bands and content?

This training is applicable to most grade bands and content.

Can I use the completion of this course as part of my required professional development?

This is at the discretion of your district. Many districts are recognizing this as PDP or PD credit, but we cannot guarantee that. For the most accurate answer to this question, be sure to check with your district officials.

Is this open to teachers outside of Tennesee?

Yes! This training is open to anyone in any location.

How long will the training be offered?

The training will be open until September 1.

Will teachers be able to complete this course using a Chromebook?


Will there be a training facilitator I can reach out to for assistance if needed?

Yes. There will be a facilitator assigned to answer questions, but we also encourage interaction with other participants as much as possible. Networking with other educators is a vital component of this training.

Is there a limit on the number of participants?

No! Trevecca’s mission is centered on preparing our graduates to lead and serve in their communities. This free training opportunity is one way we can live out that mission and provide K-12 teachers with the training they desire.

Will Google Classroom be included in the training modules?

Yes, Google Classroom—as well as many other resources you can use to interact with students when you’re teaching remotely—will be included in the training.

Is this a brand-new professional development training? How do you know it will meet the needs of educators and provide content they can immediately put into practice?

While this training is brand-new, Trevecca has long been a leader in online education in the Middle Tennessee region. We’re one of only a few Middle Tennessee colleges or universities that offer a master’s program in instructional design. We know the philosophies, strategies and best practices of creating vibrant remote learning environments. But as educators, you understand the importance of evaluation and feedback. So, help us improve this brand-new training by sharing your thoughts. Ultimately, we want to serve our teachers, students and our communities better—and your feedback helps!