1901 creates event for students to share talents in intimate setting

Student artists on campus have a new venue for sharing their creative work.

Nestled in 1901, the on-campus coffee shop, is a chance for students to perform in front of a small audience. And so far, the audience have been showing up.

More than 100 students filled the room for the first 1901 Live performance on Sept. 20.

Senior Gabby Smith was the first to perform. She was intentional about making it a community sharing event. Two students read their poetry, one showed her embroidery work, one gave her testimony and one shared her graphic design.

“1901 Live is more intimate than a Hub show,” said Smith. “It gives artists a chance to be more intimate.”

1901 Live started as a dream between Logan Rogers, 1901 manager, and Joshua Connerty, sophomore and employee. Rogers said he initially came up with the idea, while Connerty took it in a new direction. They wanted to create a coffee shop that didn’t already exist. They wanted a place for artists and creative people to feel comfortable sharing their work.

1901’s mission is to provide high quality, specialty coffee in an atmosphere that nurtures community and ministry. 1901 Live enhances that by striving for quality over quantity. Instead of having shows every week, they give artists time to create their set and be creative in what they want to present.

“If you’re an artist, 1901 Live is a wonderful place to share what you’re working on,” said Connerty, “It’s an inviting place to play that’s not intimidating.”

For students unsure about attending a performance, the organizers believe they have created a conducive environment for openness and a chance to create growth in the community.

“The more the merrier. Bring your friends. Good crowds have a positive impact on ambiance,” said Rogers.

Since 1901 Live is still a new idea, all ideas are welcome.

 “We are open to hearing people’s thoughts even if they aren’t an artist,” said Rogers. “Anything can come from it. Even praise and encouragement. We want to hear people’s voices.”

Live streaming of previous shows are available on Instagram @1901live and regular updates can be found @1901coffee.

 The last performance of this semester is set for Thursday Dec. 6. The performer’s identity will be released closer to the date. If students would like to volunteer for set up and clean up, send an email at 1901live@trevecca.edu.

For more information or to fill out an application, send an email to 1901live@ trevecca.edu. When filling out the application, students will need a set list, AV list (required equipment) and collaborative artists.

By Kayla Williams and Audrey Yawn for the TrevEchoes, the University’s student newspaper
Media contact: Mandy Crow, mmcrow@trevecca.edu, 615-248-1695