Biology program receives new grant for additional cancer research

Trevecca’s biology students will soon have a new research opportunity because of a new grant which the biology department received. This fall the Team Emmett organization awarded it a $10,000 grant for research on esophageal cancer.

Team Emmett was founded in honor of Emmett James Stallings IV, who died of esophageal cancer when he was only 31. His widow, Wendy Stallings, and his friends formed this 501 (c) (3) nonprofit “dedicated to the elimination of esophageal cancer, primarily through funding innovative research, but also through raising awareness and sharing stories.”

The grant from Team Emmett is the first one it has awarded, and about that award, Wendy Stallings said that the organization wanted to help a local institution that is already engaged in research. A member of Team Emmett’s board of directors read about Trevecca’s cancer research and encouraged Alisha Russell, chair of Trevecca’s biology department to apply.

“This grant will allow for the purchase of the biologicals and anti-cancer compounds needed to contribute knowledge about esophageal cancer. It will also allow students to spend the summer doing novel and important research on Trevecca’s campus, using their God-given gifts to study how to kill cancer cells—using science to work toward helping others, explained Alisha Russell. “I am so excited about this grant from Team Emmett! It will allow students to grow as researchers while contributing to scientific knowledge in an area of great importance—understanding the mechanisms that keep cancer cells alive,” she added.

In the spring biology students at Trevecca will be able to apply for positions on this research team, which will begin the study of esophageal cancer in the summer of 2014.

Click here for more information about the grant from Team Emmett.