Biology students

On September 18, 2007, Professor Chris Farrell kicked off environmental efforts to clean-up Brown’s Creek with a first-hand lesson and a trek down to the creek location behind Trevecca's campus. Mekayle Houghton, program director of Project Blue Streams and representative of the Cumberland River Compact, led Trevecca students in a discussion of the conditions of Metro Nashville streams, focusing on Brown's Creek. Houghton's informational sessions were held in the morning and in the afternoon. Over 50 students were in attendance for both sessions combined. The session included a review of existing data regarding common biological and chemical contaminants. She also included ideas for starting a low cost clean-up and stream maintenance program. Professor Alan R. Smith brought his general biology class and was able to incorporate this activity into the ecology section of his curriculum. Professor Monica Parker brought her microbiology class who took samples to take back to the lab as part of the applied microbiology portion of the course. Overall the sessions and accompanying activities were very informative and will hopefully result in a continuing partnership culminating in the formal adoption of Brown’s Creek by Trevecca Nazarene University. More information on Project Blue Streams and the Cumberland River Compact is available at