Blazing a trail: Trevecca announces first student accepted through new Pre-PA Pathway

Work ethic. Faith. Compassion. Motivation.

These are a few of the intangibles that helped Tracy Roy become the first successful applicant in Trevecca Nazarene University’s Pre-PA Pathway, a brand new initiative that allows TNU undergrads to earn the early assurance of a seat in Trevecca’s esteemed Physician Assistant graduate program.

If the past two years are any indication, those same intangibles will help her navigate life as a graduate student and then begin a successful career in the medical field.

But that’s all in the future. For now, Roy is hard at work in her classes - she’s a double major in biology and chemistry - and in sports, as a women’s soccer player. She also finds time to work as a teacher’s assistant and tutor fellow students in chemistry.

Currently wrapping up her sophomore year at Trevecca, Roy is driven by a few factors. One is a genuine interest in her future field of study. As a child, she watched her sister struggle with, then adjust to and manage, Type 1 diabetes.

“Seeing my sister go from sick to healthy when I was younger made me want to get into the medical field,” Roy said. “I knew someday I’d like to have that kind of impact on people.”

As for deciding how she’ll get there, Roy has another source of motivation, the same one that led to her to complete her Pre-PA Pathway application: a positive experience at Trevecca and in the science department especially.

“My professors have taught me a lot, and everyone here really cares about your well being,” she said. “I know if I stay here for graduate school I’ll learn everything I need to be successful in my career. And I’ll continue to be a well-rounded person, which is important.”

Roy had her sights on the Physician Assistant program when she decided to enroll at Trevecca, although the possibility of earning early assurance wasn’t an option until recently. Now that she has a guaranteed seat as a PA graduate student if things go as planned, she has even more incentive to succeed.

“As the first student to have this opportunity, I want to represent Trevecca well and set the bar high.”

With all her intangibles, Tracy Roy is well on her way to those goals.

Trevecca’s Physician Assistant program is part of the new School of STEM at the University.  PA students like Roy will soon receive training and instruction in a brand new facility, as Trevecca recently broke ground on a 33,000-square-foot health sciences expansion of the school’s STEM building.  The PA program, established in 1976 as the first of its kind in Tennessee, will occupy a large portion of that new space.

The new Pre-PA Pathway gives Trevecca undergraduates an opportunity to earn a guaranteed seat in the storied Physician Assistant program.

Media Contact: Brian Bennett,