Camp Project uses creativity to connect Nazarene students

Five years ago, two youth pastors from the Southeast Field of the Church of the Nazarene approached Randy Kinder with an idea. That idea became Trevecca’s Camp Project, a ministry that connects Trevecca students to the Southeast Field of the Church of the Nazarene.

Kinder and Greene now co-lead the project.

“[Camp Project is a] ministry of Trevecca with the Southeast Field,” said Kinder, Trevecca’s director of events and strategic initiatives. “The goal is to provide high caliber worship-focused camps across the field for every district.”

Each summer, more than 2,000 teens from across the Southeast participate in the camps produced by Camp Project—which are staffed by more than 30 Trevecca students who serve on the summer ministry team and with the PR worship bands and production teams. 

“They do an incredible job of leading,” said Sarah Comer, a Trevecca admissions counselor who helps facilitate the summer ministry team, referring to Kinder and Greene. “Both of them are ministry leaders while also being great connection points for all of the camps.”

Each year, Camp Project has a theme. This summer, the theme centered on the idea of wonder. The theme served as an example of students using creativity for the betterment of others, Comer says.

“[This year’s theme] is about discovering God’s wonder,” Comer said. “There are some students who haven’t seen snow before, and we were able to make it snow on stage. Getting to work through the things that God is doing in the campers is a pretty incredible [experience] that happens over the summer.”

Chad McAdory, Trevecca senior and worship arts and church ministries major, spent his third summer working with Camp Project. He helps facilitate games, creative elements and creates an energetic atmosphere for campers. He also served as the senior group leader for the summer ministry team. 

“Camp Project absolutely has helped me grow as a person,” McAdory said. “On the surface level, Camp Project has helped me make connections in all of the Southeastern Districts. On a deeper level, Camp Project has shaped my heart for teens, summer camp, and ministry in an incredible way.”

Camp Project provides students with internships and a chance to learn. It also creates an opportunity for current students to meet prospective Trevecca students, Kinder says.

“For Trevecca students, Camp Project gives them the opportunity to play into the ministry teams and bands and minister to students throughout the Southeast Field,” he said. “It’s a great relationship-builder for Trevecca students. We welcome the opportunity for all to be involved.”

For McAdory, the work that has to be put in to make the camp a success is worth it.

“I truly believe that it helps campers in a huge way,” McAdory said. “The goal of Camp Project is that we create an environment that ushers in the presence of our Lord. Our mentality is that if one student out of 2,000 sees a little bit more of who Jesus is, then the traveling, the expenses, the work—everything we do—is absolutely worth it.”

By Kayla Williamson
Media contact: Mandy Crow,, 615-248-1695