Center for Student Development announces changes to structure

For the employees who work in Trevecca’s Center for Student Development, the focus is students. The Center oversees all aspects of the student experience from new student orientation and residence life to academic support and disability services. 

This week, Jessica Dykes, dean of student development, announced a slight restructuring that will allow student development staff to better meet the needs of the University’s diverse student population. 

“We believe that by restructuring these professional roles, we will strengthen our efforts to provide cohesive, intentional student experiences from orientation to graduation,” Dykes said. “We are excited to further the Center for Student Development’s mission to support our diverse community with a wide variety of experiences and services that promote the holistic development of students, assists them in achieving their personal and educational goals, and prepares them for lives of leadership and service.”

In the new structure, Megan McGhee will serve as the assistant dean of student life. In this newly created role, McGhee will provide oversight for a number of student life efforts, including new student orientation, first-year experience, student government and more. 

McGhee, who has served the University for nine years, holds a master’s degree in higher education. She is currently finishing a master’s degree in counseling (marriage and family therapy) at Trevecca. 

“During her tenure here, Megan has cultivated a strong first-year experience for our students, including our annual Field Day tradition, LINK classes, and adventure-based courses,” Dykes said. “She has also worked alongside student government as an advisor since 2013, provided grant writing services to the University and maintained oversight of 25 mentors and 40 peer mentors each year. We are excited to welcome her to this newly developed role in the Center for Student Development.”

In this newly appointed role, McGhee will lead a team of directors with roles centered on community engagement/leadership development and student life.  

Dr. Brodrick Thomas will step into the role of director of community engagement and leadership development. Thomas, who earned his bachelor’s degree from Auburn University, holds two Trevecca degrees—a master’s in business administration and a doctorate in leadership and professional practice. For the past five years, he has served as Trevecca’s director of community engagement and reconciliation. 

“Dr. Brodrick Thomas will continue his incredible efforts with community engagement and take on a new role in elevating our leadership development efforts on campus,” Dykes said. “We are excited for him to take a deeper role in developing our student body and cultivating strong student leaders at Trevecca.” 

In this new role, Thomas will also continue to oversee services for the University’s international students. 

The director of student life, a role that is currently vacant, will oversee campus activities, the student government association, commuter programs, intramurals, chapel engagement and traditions. Dykes and her team are conducting a search to find a candidate to fill the open position.   

In the new structure, resident directors will continue to support student life initiatives through part-time coordinator roles and work alongside McGhee, the assistant dean, to create and implement new student orientation programs on campus. 

Media Contact: Mollie Yoder,