Communications instructor elected to national steering committee

David Deese, coordinator of Trevecca's Department of Communication Studies and assistant professor of broadcasting and communication,, was selected to membership on the steering committee of the Intercollegiate National Religious Broadcasters (iNRB) at its annual meeting  February 22-27 in Dallas, Texas. The iNRB, the collegiate branch of the National Religious Broadcasters, works for the promotion of integrity and excellence in media. The iNRB steering committee is responsible for guiding the activities of the iNRB, includting planning the activities at  the national convention, organizing a student awards contest for radio and television productions, promoting ongoing communication between member schools, and administering a scholarship essay contest.

In addition to his teaching and administrative duties, Prof. Deese, who is in his twenty-third year of employment at Trevecca, is the general manager of Trevecca's radio stations, WNAZ and WENO. Regarding Deese's new responsibilities with iNRB, Lena Hegi-Welch, the chair of Trevecca's Division of Communicaiton, Language, and Literature, says, "David's selection for membership on the iNRB steering committee  is a tremendous honor and reflects well not only on David as an individual, but also on Trevecca’s radio stations."