Leaders built Intentionally: Dr. Julie Rigsby

Creativity, accountability and intentionality are the recurring themes of Trevecca’s new Bachelor of Arts in Management and Leadership program.

Formerly known as the Bachelor of Arts in Management and Human Relations (MHR), the program is taking a new approach with its students.

Heading up portions of the new curriculum is Dr. Julie Rigsby, assistant professor of leadership.

Rigsby, a longtime employee of Trevecca, began her time on the Hill in 1994 as an undergraduate. Rigsby went on to earn two advanced degrees at Trevecca: a master’s in education in 2000 and doctorate in leadership and professional practice in 2016.

Before teaching, Rigsby was an admissions counselor at Trevecca, where she gives much of the credit in developing her leadership skills into her role as a professor.

“The best experience I have is working as an adviser because it allowed me to develop relationships with students and see their struggles up close and help them deal with that and be successful,” Rigsby said. “That helps me in my role as a faculty member and the knowledge I’ve gained in leadership came from that experience.”

Her fellow faculty members in Trevecca’s School of Graduate and Continuing Studies recognize the value Rigsby brings to the program.

“I've worked with Julie for years, and she brings a lot of value to our program,” said Dr. Angela Talley, assistant professor of leadership studies. “Dr. Rigsby has done an excellent job with redesigning some of the courses that I've taught and really brings some structure and level of quality to the program.”

The Bachelor of Arts in Management and Leadership program is structured and designed to uniquely fit the needs of working adults—with creativity, accountability and intentionality being at the forefront of the curriculum.

Intentionality is a word echoed among faculty members in the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies.

“Everything Dr. Rigsby does is with intentionality to the students,” Talley said. “The biggest thing for this program is that there’s so much intentionality and creativity in everything we do. We think so much about the student and give them things that they will be able to use immediately.”

On the academic side, the program has been revised and updated to offer students up-to-date real-world information for people looking to advance their careers.

Rigsby says the focus is on the practical application of management and leadership theory.

“When developing the curriculum, we strive to make sure everything we teach has practical implications so that students can apply what their learning in class into their workplace,” she said. “Students say they love that aspect of taking knowledge from class and applying it into their work and everyday lives.”

Another strong thread in the program is taking a strategic approach in the way the curriculum is set up, allowing students to gain skills to become effective communicators.

“Anyone that’s spent time in the workforce understands the importance of learning how to communicate effectively, which is critical in today’s world as we go more and more digital,” Rigsby said.

Rigsby emphasizes that each semester is staged to focus on how to write effectively, speak effectively, supporting students’ thoughts through research, taking that information and using it to effectively relay their ideas.

By Blake Stewart
Media contact: Mandy Crowmmcrow@trevecca.edu, 615-248-1695