Meredith Andrews’ just-released album features Trevecca students

Select members of Trevecca’s National Praise and Worship Institute (NPWI) program were recently featured on Meredith Andrews’ latest live EP released this past Friday, March 8.

The project, titled Faith and Wonder (Live), is Andrews’ first live EP, and her seventh career release. The album might sound a little different from Andrews’ previous releases, though, says Mark Hosny, director of NPWI.

“She wants her album to be very congregational, like singing along with her, not so much a Christian artist track,” Hosny said. He worked closely with Jacob Sooter, Andrews’ husband, co-writer and producer to make Trevecca’s participation in the project possible.

About 18 students had the opportunity to participate in recording background vocals for the EP, which took place in Andrews’ private studio in her Nashville home last fall.

“It was an incredible experience that I didn’t expect,” said Rion Thompson, a freshman and an NPWI student. “It was a super unique thing to be able to be hand on with the recording process especially in the gang vocal reel.”

Students recorded six songs, including verses, choruses and bridges, and their vocals are included on almost every track of the record.

“This helped me grow in exponential ways,” Thompson said. “I got to experience hands-on what it looks like to be part of the recording process. It was especially a win to experience recording as a group. That isn’t something super common in the recording world to always track choirs, but, man, does it sound good when executed correctly!”

Students are excited for people to continue listen to the record and to worship as they move through each track.

“I hope people feel encouraged, genuine love and worship,” said Allison Coordes, another NPWI student. “I hope that they listen to it with an open mind and an open heart. This is a worship album, so I hope that people are in the spirit to do that as they listen to it.”

Faith and Wonder (Live) can be bought for $5.99 on the iTunes store, as well as Andrews’ website. The album is also available on every streaming platform.

By Hilda Elvir
Media contact: Mandy Crow,, 615-248-1695