Millard Reed Bell Tower—New focal point of central campus

President Dan Boone has announced the planned construction of the Millard Reed Bell Tower, to be located in Trevecca’s central campus. Long-time friends of Dr. Reed are funding this addition to the campus to express their appreciation for him. While desiring to remain anonymous, the donors explained their gift: “Because Dr. Reed was a good friend of ours, we wanted to honor him for what he has done for Trevecca. We thought that this bell tower—located where students and employees would use it daily—would be an appropriate way to remember his devotion to this University.”


The bell tower will be 70 feet tall and will rest on a stone base, designed in keeping with the campus’s other historic buildings. The base will feature arches, and the tower’s location will ensure that those arches will be used by students and others as they traverse the campus. The tower will have a chime system.


The addition of the bell tower will involve other changes to the central campus. The asphalt of Hart Street will be removed. Sidewalks in this area will be replaced with a narrower decorative pathway. The lawn bordered by Hart Street and McClurkan, Wakefield, and Mackey Buildings will be reconfigured into a “great lawn” with the sidewalks and steps removed and replaced by an oval sidewalk around the perimeter. Completion of these changes will make this area more easily navigable by persons in disabilities.

In his announcement of this addition to the campus, President Boone said, “Because of the great respect for Dr. Millard Reed, the 10th president of Trevecca, and the legacy he imprinted on the University, close friends have made a significant gift to fund the design and construction of the Millard Reed Bell Tower. As we have enhanced the beauty of the main campus quad, we have dreamed of a significant focal point for this area of the campus, the area where approximately 7,000 persons gather each May for commencement. Our students will soon pass under the Reed Bell Tower as they process for graduation. The music that plays each day from the tower will escort us to and from class, reminding us of our heritage of faith.”

The total cost of the bell tower project (tower construction and changes to the lawn in the central campus) will be approximately $800,000 to $900,000. The University plans for the tower to be completed in time for commencement in May 2014.