New blog by President Boone

Trevecca has launched a new blog by President Dan Boone. Titled “Dan Boone: Serious conversations about things that matter,” the blog can be found at these addresses: and

This blog provides readers easy access to Dr. Boone’s ideas about the thoughts and issues that are important to Christians today. He will write regularly each month, and his focus will be these four general topics:
• God and suffering--Why does a good God allow suffering?
• Social justice—The big answers to the world’s problems are not solved via politics; the world is saved by small deeds of social justice.
• Today’s college generation—What do young adults need most?
• Current events—Opinions and commentary on newsworthy topics

This blog will also include information about Dr. Boone’s speaking schedule and about purchasing books by him. Additionally, the blog will allow readers to dialogue with Dr. Boone  about the topics addressed in his postings.

Already on the site are postings on these titles:  “Alzheimer’s and Advent,” “What am I thankful for?,” The Spirit of Chritmas for the Present,” “The Commercialism of Christmas,” and “The  Vulnerability of God.”

In addition to the blog, readers can find Dr. Boone at these social media and

Readers of Dr. Boone’s books will enjoy his unique—and honest—approach to contemporary issues, which marks his writings. And they can expect to find that reading Dr. Boone’s blog will make them think in new ways.