NPWI Students Featured on Upcoming Meredith Andrews’ Album

Trevecca choir Testify rehearsing on campus

When Testify and National Praise and Worship Institute director Mark Hosny was asked if a few students would be willing to record group background vocals for Meredith Andrews’ latest album, he knew that it wasn’t a coincidence.

“It was a God thing,” Hosny said.   

According to Hosny, the opportunity for Trevecca students to be a part of Andrews’ upcoming album originated with Benji Cowart, a singer-songwriter and former NPWI adjunct professor. Cowart works closely with Jacob Sooter, Meredith Andrews’ husband, co-writer, and producer. When Sooter needed a group to sing background vocals on the album, Cowart recommended Trevecca’s gospel choir, Testify.

Hosny says the group was excited to participate in the recording.

“Our job is not to go try and seek out opportunities,” he said. “Our goal is to work hard, do what God has called us to do with excellence… He’ll open up those doors when He needs to.”

About 18 Trevecca students participated in the recording.

Andrews is hoping for a different feel for the upcoming album, Hosny said, and wanted to include congregational singing. The album—no release date has been announced—will be Andrews’ seventh.

“She wants her album to be very congregational, like singing along with her,” Hosny said, “not so much a Christian artist track.”

Hosny and his students recorded their vocals in Andrews’ private studio in her Nashville home. Students weren’t quite sure what to expect—and surprised to find out that their vocals would be included on almost every track.

“[We recorded] six songs, all the verses, all the choruses, and all the bridges,” Hosny said. “So, after learning each section, we recorded an average of 3-5 takes per section for a total of about 128 takes.”

Hosny said he was proud of his students’ efforts in the studio—and he wasn’t the only one.

“[Jacob Sooter] said that of all of the gang vocals he has recorded for albums, these were his best,” Hosny said. “That was a nice compliment. I just want to do it for these students to get the experience, to be able to continue to be able to do what we do here musically for Trevecca, to have a place in Nashville.”

In the end, Hosny and his students are grateful for the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

“We planted a seed in that album, that album is going to go all over the nation...and someone might be saved,” he said. “Our highest calling is to take our tool—music—and to be able to tell it’s about Jesus, in the way which we do best.”

By Moira Kurtz
Media contact: Mandy Crow,, 615-248-1695