Pathway to PA: Concentration preps undergrads for Trevecca’s esteemed Physician Assistant Program

PA grad putting on white coat

Admission into Tennessee’s longest-tenured Physician Assistant program could become a reality for more Trevecca undergraduate students in the near future, thanks to the university’s new Pre-PA Pathway in Health Sciences.

Through the Pre-PA Pathway, incoming Trevecca freshmen can begin their academic journey with a long-term goal of entering the Physician Assistant program after graduation. Students can apply to enter the Pre-PA Pathway during their sophomore year.

Pre-PA candidates at TNU can apply for a limited number of guaranteed seats in the PA graduate program but are also guaranteed an interview for admission by meeting certain qualifications. Participants have the opportunity to engage with current Trevecca PA graduate students, and to be mentored by PA students and faculty.

“The new pathway allows us to invest in our students as we continue to grow our Physician Assistant program,” said Trevecca PA Admissions Director Katrina Gill. “The academic rigor, Christian worldview and strong campus community that our students experience as undergraduates make Trevecca an ideal training ground for future physician assistants.”

Final acceptance decisions for the PA graduate program are made during a student’s senior year.

Trevecca’s Physician Assistant program is part of the new School of STEM at the university.  PA students will soon receive training and instruction in a brand new facility, as Trevecca recently broke ground on a 33,000-square-foot health sciences expansion of the school’s STEM building.  The PA program, established in 1976 as the first of its kind in Tennessee will occupy a large portion of that new space.

Media Contact: Brian Bennett,