Shane Gibbs has science exhibit at Nashville’s Adventure Science Center

One of the exhibits soon to be displayed at Nashville’s Adventure Science Center (ASC) is the creation of Shane Gibbs, a senior biology education major from Williamsport, Penn. Now as part of the ASC’s Riverworks Discovery exhibit, Gibbs’s display came about when Trevecca professor Chris Farrell asked Gibbs to give a lecture about ecosystems to a group of seventh graders from a local magnet school who visited Trevecca’s campus.
When Gibbs spoke to the visiting students, he showed them Trevecca’s fish tanks, the small biomes (ecosystems) Trevecca is cultivating, and the toads that live in Trevecca’s science department. During that presentation, he mentioned that one of his goals was to create a display that would feature local fish and plants and that could be used as a reference for teaching ecosystems.
Gibbs later learned that one of the chaperones for the seventh graders works for the ASC. That person contacted Dr. Farrell and asked if Gibbs would contribute a display to be part of ASC’s Riverworks Discovery exhibit, and Gibbs went to work on the display. He and Nykolas Reed, Trevecca science instructor, caught bluegill in nearby Brown’s Creek and put them in a tank filled with creek water.
“Then we added living plants and crayfish to the tank to show how life for the fish, crayfish, and plants goes hand-in-hand,” explained Gibbs. “Each of the three depends upon the other two for survival. The exhibit focuses mainly on rivers and how they are used in commerce, culture, and conservation. I illustrated the points of pollution in our creeks and streams, how those bodies of water lead directly to the Cumberland River. The exhibit makes the point that if we do not care for the smaller flowing waters, we will be drinking and playing in unsanitary conditions,” he added.
The Adventure Science Center has indicated that Gibbs’s exhibit will be on display through January 2015. Then, says Gibbs, the exhibit will be moved back to Trevecca.