Social work is way of life for Professor Maurer

Ron Maurer, PhD, is no stranger to the field of social work; he has more than 40 years of experience in the field, including 19 years of teaching at Trevecca.

“Social work is so important because of all the social needs we have in our world today. If you look at any issue in our world, social workers are involved,” Maurer said.

With experience as the director of a community center and service as a missionary, a police chaplain, and a social worker for the State of Tennessee, Maurer knows about human need. His work in those fields led Maurer to respond the call to teach, which he sensed from God, by applying to work with Trevecca’s Social Work Program. He began his teaching career with the university in 1995, and in 2010, Maurer was named the director of the Social Work Program.

Maurer and his wife have also had a growing relationship with members of a university in Trinidad-Tobago. Since 2010, when they first visited Trinidad for him to teach two summer courses at West Indies Theological College, they have returned eight times: for him to speak at commencement and present a paper, to observe the annual trustees’ meeting, to speak on local radio and preach at a church, and to serve as a consultant about accreditation.

As part of his leadership of the Social Work Program, Maurer has led that program’s accreditation efforts with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Later this year the program will learn if it has earned accreditation.

Maurer plans to use this summer to rest, but not before he serves Native American foster kids on a reservation in Oklahoma, a trip he is making with his church.

Social work doesn’t always look like traveling to far off places like Maurer has done over the years. “There is always a time for people to serve as volunteers and work where social problems exist, and they exist everywhere,” Maurer said.