Three Trevecca golf team seniors make big plans for after graduation

Brynn Craven, Teagan Perry, and Lexie Shaw have big plans for what life after Trevecca will look like. The three senior members of the Trevecca women’s golf team are set to graduate later this month.  

Craven, social justice major, will be attending the Southern Illinois University School of Law. Perry, a biology major, is preparing to enter a graduate-level physician assistant program and hopes to eventually work at the VA. Shaw, who’ll earn her bachelor’s in business administration on May 16, plans to complete her MBA at Trevecca while also working as a graduate assistant for the women’s golf team. 

Shaw, who was named to the G-MAC All-Conference team in 2018, says her experience as a Trevecca athlete shaped her as a leader. 

“I’ve never really seen myself as a leader, but because of my position on the team I was kind of put into a leadership role, and I always tried to do whatever I could to help my team succeed, whether that was on the course, in the classroom, or in my teammates lives outside of golf and school,” Shaw said. “I’m super excited for the opportunity to be the assistant coach next year and try to help my team max out their potential.”

Craven also saw her time on the team as a chance to grow as a leader, stressing that the experience has helped prepare her for law school.

“Trevecca golf has prepared me for law school by teaching me time management skills,” Craven said. “And some of my favorite memories are traveling with the girls, winning a conference championship my freshman year and winning a Trojy for team of the year.”

Looking back at her Trevecca experience, Perry can also see the lessons she’s learned as a student-athlete. 

“I think [Trevecca golf] has made me better at time management for graduate school and has helped me grow as a person,” Perry said. 

While the three senior golfers are making plans for the future, Coach David Head is mulling over the impact he hopes Trevecca’s golf program has had in the graduates’ lives. Playing golf at the collegiate level teaches students how to face adversity, develop perseverance and learn to work well with others, he says, stressing that these are lessons that will take his players far. 

“Being a college golfer teaches discipline and hard work,” Head said. “For Lexie, Teagan and Brynn, all of the many things they have learned on and off the golf course the last four years will definitely serve them well in their respective career paths.”

Head sees the seniors as living examples of “Christian, Scholar, Athlete,” the athletic department’s motto. 

“At Trevecca, we believe that in order to be successful, you have to buy into this motto and not only agree to it, but also live it out,” Head said. “Many of our athletes at Trevecca live this motto out in beautiful ways. My three senior women’s golfers do a great job living out that motto.”

While Head is sad to see Craven, Perry and Shaw leave, he’s excited for what their futures hold. 

“I am one of their biggest cheerleaders for them in the next phase of their life,” he said. “I am so proud of what they have accomplished the last four years, and I am so proud of the young adults they have become. Even though I am no longer their coach, I will always be their friend and someone they can always call on if they ever need anything.”

Craven, Perry and Shaw, along with all other Trevecca graduates (December 2019 and 2020) will be honored during a virtual Conferral Ceremony on May 16 at 10 a.m. Available on Facebook and Trevecca’s livestream, the ceremony will mark the moment the students become graduates. A Commencement Celebration is scheduled on Trevecca’s campus in the fall.

by M. Anna Turpin
Media contact: Mandy Crow,, 615-248-1695