Trevecca announces 2017-2018 FLARE projects

Each year Trevecca students have the opportunity to participate in Faculty-Led Research Experience projects (FLARE project), and this coming fall is no exception. From historical research and creative writing to creating an opera, students will have the chance to follow their passions and pursue research in their own fields of study.

According to Dr. Sam Green, Trevecca director of undergraduate research, the benefit of FLARE projects will last long after the academic year ends.

“Trevecca seeks to emphasize the process of acquiring research skills, not just the outcome of the research,” Green said, stressing that students will be well prepared for future endeavors and study.

FLARE was first implemented in 2015, as part of the Quality Enhancement Program, or QEP. A QEP is required of any university seeking accreditation or reaccreditation and intended to enhance the student learning experience. Trevecca’s QEP is focused on undergraduate research.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, Trevecca students will be engaged in the following projects:

Grassroots Voices: Conducting Digital and Oral History with Trevecca’s Neighbors

Dr. Erica R. Hayden will lead students in long-term oral and digital history as they work to understand the history that literally surrounds Trevecca—the neighborhoods. Students and faculty will chronicle the heritage of the Promise Zone neighborhood’s bordering campus, including the J.C. Napier Homes and Sudekum Apartments. The project will document both oral and digital history.

Editing The Cumberland River Review’s Print Anthology: The First Five Years

Professor Graham Hillard will help students to understand the work and creativity that goes into producing a national literary journal firsthand. Commemorating the first five years of The Cumberland River Review, the project will span the first semester of the academic year. Students will select poems, short stories and essays from The Cumberland River Review’s first five years to create an anthology, while simultaneously continuing the work of running the online journal. It is a research experience unique to Trevecca, that no other school in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).

Let’s Create an Opera! 2017-18 Edition: An Interdisciplinary, Interdepartmental FLARE Project

Dr. Eric Wilson and other faculty members will guide students from various disciplines to create an opera in its entirety—from the beginning stages of writing and composing to the final stages of producing and performing. Students from a wide range of studies will have the chance to play a part in creating this opera, including writing the songs and storyline, creating the set and directing the cast. This project follows in the footsteps of a previous FLARE projected that resulted in Requiem for the Living: An Opera, created during the 2015-2016 academic year.

Introduction to Public Health

Dr. Aaron Hall, assistant professor of exercise science, and Dr. Yanice Mendez, associate professor of biology, will lead a group of students to Jinotega, Nicaragua, where the students’ work will center on injury and infectious disease prevention in a rural population. The goal of the project is to introduce students to the field of public health and its relationship to various other careers in the health sciences, including physical and occupational therapy, nursing, medicine and research careers. Students will minister to a rural population served by the Misión para Cristo.

Welcoming the Stranger

A joint project between the University and The Salvation Army, the FLARE project will center on a local Salvation Army church in South Nashville and the immigrants and refugees whose lives intersect with that church. Led by Jamie Casler and Curtis Elliott, this project will encourage students to listen to and document the migration stories of recently arrived immigrants and refugees, while also considering the implications these stories have for the church.

Business Case Studies in Belize

Dr. Roy Philip will lead a group of Trevecca business students with various academic concentrations to research the unique factors that impact business operations outside the United States. The project will also include a spring break trip to Belize to visit the businesses the students study during the project.

“We are experiencing cross-discipline research taking place throughout the campus,” Green said in reference to this year’s slate of FLARE projects. “Having students from various majors collaborating with peers and professors on a common goal is also helping to inspire more faculty members to become active in research.”

Undergraduate research at Trevecca University is a unique experience that students from all areas can take part in. To learn more about FLARE projects, get involved or start your own, contact Sam Green at

By Jessy Anne Walters
Media contact: Mandy Crow,, 615-248-1695