Trevecca announces 2019-2020 student award recipients

End-of-the-year awards presentations for Trevecca traditional undergraduates looked a little different this year as University faculty, staff and students sought out creative online options to celebrate student achievements. 

Student and student organization recipients were announced via YouTube on the Trevecca Chapel channel. Trevecca All-School and Organizational Awards Show aired on April 23 at 7 p.m. and can be viewed below.

Faculty members announced the recipients of this year’s academic awards on April 29. Watch the video below

Organizational Awards

  • Student Alumni Award: MaKray Odom 
  • Darda Dedication: Dr. Donna Gray and Dr. Terry Pruitt
  • A.W. “Toby” Williams Award: Erica Wigart 
  • Peer Mentor of the Year Award: Cassey Young 
  • Reconciliation Award: Stephany Ordóñez 
  • RHA Officer of the Year Award: Rebekah Davison
  • RA of the Year Award: Seth Reigard 

All School Awards

  • Dependability: Tim Mansfield, Emma Schmahl 
  • School Spirit: Courtney Hodgin, Reed Coffman 
  • Kyle Funke Student Activities Award: Rachel Thompson, Micah Dearing 
  • Religious Activities: Maeve Tamez, Josh Connerty 
  • Scholarship: Vitor Goncalves, Jenna Bivens
  • Leadership: Stephany Ordóñez, Seth Reigard
  • Club of the Year: Ultimate Frisbee 
  • Class of the Year: Senior Class

Academic Awards

Skinner School of Business and Technology

  • Overall Excellence in IT: Edson Sanchez 
  • Institute of Internal Auditors’ Outstanding Accounting Graduate: Luis Ortiz Hernandez 
  • Financial Executive International Outstanding Student Scholarship Award: Candace Howard 
  • Outstanding Music Business Graduate: Rachel Capps 
  • Department of Business Phi Delta Lambda Award: Candace Howard
  • Gerald D. Skinner Senior Award: Mary Anna Turpin 

Communication Studies Department

  • Creative Artistic Achievement Award: Pedro Da Silva
  • Performer of the Year: Andrew Hutton
  • Excellence in Media Arts Award: Joshua Moore and Mary-Grace Wells 
  • Excellence in Multimedia Journalism Award: Maria Monteros
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award: Madison Graves 

School of Education

  • Recognition of Student Teachers Fall 2019: MaKray Odom, Madison Wade.
  • Recognition of Student Teachers Spring 2020: Michaela Adcock, Brianna Bryant, Jay Benard, Julianna Dye, Melissa Diaz, Mary Endicott, Hannah Faulks, Mason Leih, Miraya McLaughlin, Hannah Webb 
  • Leadership in Education Award: MaKray Odom 
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award: Julianna Dye 

Department of English

  • English Major Award: Christian Mack
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award: Shauna Elliott 

Department of Science, Engineering and Mathematics

  • Biology Award: Yabile Dina Outtara
  • Chemistry Award: Cassey Young
  • Mathematics Award: Leah Hoffmann
  • Physics Award: Sebastian Flores
  • Nursing Award: Hannah B. McKenney, Laura Lee Lovett
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award: Hannah B. McKenney, Laura Lee Lovett

Waggoner Library

  • Outstanding Student Assistant Award: Rebekah Davison 
  • ACL Undergraduate Research Award: Grace Perry

Center for Student Development

  • Tutor of the Year Award: Jenna Bivens and Katie Riddle 

Department of Social and Behavioral Science

  • Psychology Research Award: Grace Perry
  • Future Counselor Award: Joseph Cason 
  • Criminal Justice Student of the Year: Jeffrey Gonzalez
  • History Award: Katelyn Alderidge and Marina Yousef 
  • BSW Student of the Year Award: Callie Fuller
  • BSW Field Student of the Year Award: Carribean Stokes

School of Music and Worship Arts

  • Musician of the Year: Ashley Vance 
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award, Music: Mason Leih 
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award, Worship: Mallory Miller

Millard Reed School of Theology and Christian Ministry

  • Theological Studies Award: Noah Lee 
  • William Strickland Church History Award: Leah Stine 
  • Intercultural Studies Award: Moriah Monk 
  • Senior Servant Award: Laura Farley 
  • Biblical Hebrew Award: Tyler Dotterer 
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award: Neil Kyle 
  • William M. Greathouse NTS Scholarship: Emily Bentley
  • Social Justice Outstanding Senior Award: Stephany Espinal Ordonez
  • Social Justice Phi Delta Lambda Award: Stephany Espinal Ordonez

Department of Exercise and Sport Science

  • Brian Schnelle Perseverance Award: Callie Hackett and Ethan Harrison 
  • Excellence in Exercise Science Award: Jenna Bivens 
  • Excellence in Sport Management Award: Reed Coffman
  • Exercise Science Phi Delta Lamba: Allie Fuller


  • Christian Athlete Awards: Brooke Eakes and Jay Benard

Research Symposium Awards

  • Katelynn Alderidge
  • Jacqueline Alvarez & Alejandra Alegria-Garcia
  • Joe Cason
  • Alexandria Crumpton, Stephanie Hanson, & Kaitlyn Kleppinger
  • Laura Farley & Mariah Monk
  • Zac Johnson
  • Daniel Magee
  • Luis Ortiz
  • Rachel Spears & Leeanna Patterson
  • Madison Swafford and Rachel Thompson
  • Bryant Underwood

Honor Societies

In addition to these awards, Trevecca also wants to honor those who were inducted into honor societies during the academic year. 

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta (ΦΑΘ) is an American honor society for undergraduate and graduate students and professors of history. The society has more than 400,000 members, with some 9,000 new members joining each year through 970 chapters nationwide. Undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 12 semester hours (4 courses) in history, earned in the classroom, online or through AP or transfer credits (or a combination thereof). A minimum GPA of 3.1 in History and 3.0 GPA overall is required.

  • Stephen Bell
  • Neil Kyle
  • Carlos Badel
  • Andrew Hudson
  • Dustin Hoover
  • Noah Lee
  • Katelyn Alderidge
  • Anna Turpin
  • Cassie Anderson
  • Rafiael Mansour

Sigma Theta

Science and Mathematics Honor Society

  • Emily Davis
  • Mariz Gendy
  • Vitor Goncalves
  • Brooke Lay
  • Kellen Lively
  • Sarah Morgan
  • Jessica Gazquez Rodriguez
  • Summer Sallies
  • Elnura Saparkulova

Trevecca Nazarene University Honor Society

At the end of each spring semester, the Honor Society membership list includes those traditional undergraduate students (24 hours and above) who have a cumulative average of 3.5 and have been enrolled full time for the previous fall and spring semesters.

  • Madelyn Claire Abrameit
  • Grace Noel Abrams
  • Nardeen Magdy Abskharaun
  • Kristen MacKenzie Adams
  • Jessica Lynn Adcock
  • Stephanie Alas
  • Katelyn Grace Alderidge
  • Victoria Elizabeth Allen
  • Eugenia Shirley Antley
  • Leah Katherine Argot
  • Michael Christopher Arseneau
  • Lindsay Linnay Augustine
  • Megan Terry Babcock
  • Austyn Leigh Baldwin
  • Ann Marie Atef Bassent
  • Aaron Alexander Bates-Pinnock
  • Anna Danielle Begley
  • Noah Parker Bennington
  • Christopher Kyle Box
  • Katy Anne Bridgforth
  • Daisy B Brooks
  • William David Browning
  • Lea Alean Bryant
  • Corbin Vaughn Bushey
  • Mattingly Grace Byrd
  • Jorge Rafael Callejas Flefil
  • Brenna Louise Cammel
  • Douglas Evan Hunter Cammel
  • Michael Jeffrey Carlson
  • Abigail Lynn Carman
  • Katherine Louise Carter
  • Kennedy Nicole Cates
  • Kaylor Bren Chaffin
  • Reagan James Childers
  • Amber Breanna Cole
  • Steven Douglas Collins
  • Abigail Marie Colquette
  • Andrea Lilibeth Constanza Fuentes
  • Elizabeth Marie Cook
  • Victoria Grace Cook
  • Brynn Elizabeth Craven
  • Robert Thaddaeus Daniel
  • Taylor Keene Darden
  • Aubrey E. Daugherty
  • Bailey Nicole Davis
  • Benjamin Lee Davis
  • Hanna Nichole Davis
  • Grace Elizabeth Dender
  • Rebecca Ann Dillon
  • Karen Yamileth Dzib Hernandez
  • Grace Elizabeth Eades
  • Brooke Nicole Eakes
  • Lindsay Shara Eichenberg
  • Riley Jacob Farley
  • Clarice Nicole Ferrando
  • Madison Lee Findley
  • Bailee Danyelle Ford
  • Riley Autumn Franks
  • Sandy Esam Girgis
  • Garrison Thomas Glover
  • Melisa Estefania Gonzalez
  • Alyson Mikenzie Gray
  • Isabella Madeline Green
  • Rachel Anne Greer
  • Taylor Reese Gregory
  • Katy Ann Grewe
  • Jonas Grossmann
  • Myrah Grace Guthrie
  • Mariam Akram Fayek Hakem
  • Allison Brooke Hall
  • Chloe Mae Hamblin-Hale
  • Isabel Bronte Hampton
  • Matthew Allen Hatton
  • Kendall Marie Healey
  • Fady Adel Henen
  • Kenzi Anne Hockaday
  • Mariah Lee Hodges
  • Daniel Caleb Hosny
  • William Stephen Huckaby
  • Andrew Thomas Hudson
  • Mariam Kerolos Ibraheem
  • Bonnie Abigail Johnson
  • Carolyn Chanel Johnson
  • Mariah Nicole Jung
  • Savannah Megan Kelly
  • Moira Nicole Kurtz
  • Isabel Claire Landers
  • Caitlin Elizabeth Lassiter
  • Brooke Janess Lay
  • Lacey Myers Leatherland
  • Skaylin Kiabeth Linares
  • Courtney Ann Long
  • Isabella Rose Lopez
  • Doris Michelle Lopez Maradiaga
  • Cing Saan Lun
  • Anthony Charles Mannen
  • Madison Rose Martin
  • Daniel John Martinez
  • Katherine Grace McCall
  • Elijah Hunter McCormack
  • Alayna Grace McCreary
  • Vayle Faith McKay
  • Antonio Gabriel Fulton McNutt
  • Andrew Benson Melville
  • Allisza Fernanda Meneses
  • Olivia Meza Gonzalez
  • Elijah Scott Mollenhauer
  • Rachel Layne Morris
  • Courtney Mae Moseley
  • Korey Daniel Moses
  • Cali Jo Norrod
  • Chisom Chantal Obike
  • Julia Brooke O'Malley
  • Kallie Jean Otto
  • Emily Rebekah Palmer
  • Yaneth Perez Casique
  • Jaquelyne Perez-Bonilla
  • Alanna Maria Peters
  • Katerin Paola Petty
  • Benjamin James Pickman
  • Kurtis Jennings Poole
  • McGwire Neal Portell
  • John Evan Ragsdale
  • Maria Guadalupe Ramirez
  • Shirley Rettstatt
  • Ryan Kenneth Rozic
  • Grant Douglas Runyan
  • Katherine Faith Russell
  • Arsany Youssef Saman
  • Makarious Youssef Saman
  • Elnura Saparkulova
  • Nicholas Satterlee
  • Hannah Margaret Shea
  • Paulina Valeria Silverio
  • Elizabeth Suzanne Sims
  • David Lyndon Smith
  • Timothy Leon Stargell
  • Darby Taylor Stark
  • William Zachary Swafford
  • Kayleigh J Thompson
  • Rachel Elizabeth Thompson
  • Rion Paige Thompson
  • Mia Shell Troxell
  • Grant Alan Tudor
  • Jack Michael Tycksen
  • Leilani Hope Victor
  • Elizabeth Anne Villazon
  • Howard Andrew Vosburgh
  • Harrison Christian Wade
  • Joshua N Walchle
  • Shawn Matthew Wallwork
  • Shiyi Wang
  • Adam Christian Watts
  • Erica Janelle Wigart
  • Cheyenne Dawn Williams
  • Kayla Marlana Williamson
  • Andrew Patrick Winkler
  • Melissa Rose Wood
  • Adam Jeffrey Yardumian
  • Emily Sue Yoder
  • Lydia Ruth Yonce
  • Solomon Ethan Zarling
  • Ryan James Ziemer
  • Caleb Matthew Zimmer

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