Trevecca announces 2020-2021 student award recipients

The faculty and staff at Trevecca recently announced the recipients of this year’s student awards, including awards that encompass all schools; academic awards within various schools and departments; and inductions for academic honor societies.

The following are the school’s award recipients for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Organizational Awards

  • Student Alumni Award: Kennedy Crider 
  • Darda Dedication: TNU Clinic Staff - Tina Fish, Samantha Craighead, Tasha Adams
  • A.W. “Toby” Williams Award: Andrea Valladares 
  • Peer Mentor of the Year Award: Jonathan Smith 
  • Reconciliation Award: Ana Chavez 
  • RHA Officer of the Year Award: Kayla Helmintoller
  • RA of the Year Award: Cheyenne Williams 

All School Awards

  • Dependability: Kurtis Poole, Rachel Thompson 
  • School Spirit: Korey Moses, Hildsy Petrossian 
  • Kyle Funke Student Activities Award: Benji Magana, Gigi Jerezano 
  • Religious Activities: Josh Connerty, Carolyn Johnson 
  • Scholarship: Andrew Vosburgh, Daniella Hernandezs
  • Leadership: Hunter Elliott, Erica Wigart
  • Club of the Year: Futuro 
  • Class of the Year: Junior Class

Academic Awards

Skinner School of Business and Technology

  • Overall Excellence in IT: Erin Smith 
  • IT Excellence in Design & Multimedia: Vanesa Gasca
  • Department of Technology & Design Phi Delta Lambda Award: Esteban Olmos
  • Institute of Internal Auditors’ Outstanding Accounting Graduate: David Paz Amaya 
  • Financial Executive International Outstanding Student Scholarship Award: Mary Margaret Foster 
  • Outstanding Music Business Graduate: Riley J. Farley 
  • Department of Business Phi Delta Lambda Award: Mary Margaret Foster
  • Gerald D. Skinner Senior Award: Riley J. Farley 

Communication Studies Department

  • Creative Artistic Achievement Award: Hannah Nelson
  • Excellence in Media Arts Award: Pablo Zuniga Caceres 
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award: Jeffrey Cade Salyers

School of Education

  • Recognition of Student Teachers: Matti Byrd, Brooke Eakes, Abbie Pineda Giron, Andrew Hutton, Megan Groves, Holly Mack, Emily Sheets, Kenzi Miller, Jaide Strickland, Mylie Wiesinger 
  • Leadership in Education Award: Sarah Ross, Grace Biggerstaff
  • Service in Education Award: Katy Bridgforth
  • Promising Future in Education Award: Anna Cawthorne, Meagan O’Banion
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award: Courtney Davis 

Department of English

  • English Major Award: Madilyn Bremer, Josefa Silva
  • Best Scholarly Paper: Katherine Russell, Darby Stark 
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award: Chisom Obike 

Department of Science, Engineering and Mathematics

  • Biology Award: Jonathan D. Smith
  • Chemistry Award: Emily R. Davis
  • Electrical and Chemical Engineering Award: Jose Tovar Ehrler
  • Mathematics Award: James C. Wash
  • Nursing Award: Karen Dzib Hernandez, Patricia Maroszek Simons
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award: Patricia Maroszek Simons

Waggoner Library

  • Outstanding Student Assistant Award: Bailee Ford

Center for Student Development

  • Tutor of the Year Award: Sarah Waddell 

Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Psychology Research Award: Bailee Ford
  • Future Counselor Award: Leah Argot, Bryce-Austin Wahy 
  • Criminal Justice Student of the Year: Drew Pierce
  • History Award: Brayden Jackson, Carol Wadie 
  • BSW Student of the Year Award: Graduating Class of 2021 (Social Work Department)

School of Music and Worship Arts

  • Musician of the Year: Brianna Corbett 
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award, Music: Brianna Corbett 
  • Phi Delta Lambda Award, Worship: Kaitlyn Kleppinger

Millard Reed School of Theology and Christian Ministry

  • William Strickland Church History Award: Jon Smith
  • Intercultural Studies Award: Kelsey Elliott
  • Biblical Hebrew Award: Kaitlyn Kleppinger
  • Theological Studies Award: Carla Arevalo Carbajal
  • Senior Servant Award: Kennedy Crider
  • Theology & Christian Ministry Phi Delta Lambda Award: Jimmy Shultz 
  • Intercultural Studies Award: Moriah Monk 
  • Senior Servant Award: Laura Farley 
  • Biblical Hebrew Award: Tyler Dotterer 
  • William M. Greathouse NTS Scholarship: Jimmy Shultz 
  • Social Justice Outstanding Senior Award: Gabby Jasso
  • Social Justice Phi Delta Lambda Award: Leah Augustine
  • Dr. Wilma D. Johnson Servant Leadership Scholarship/Academic Award: Carli Tharpe

Department of Exercise and Sport Science

  • Brian Schnelle Perseverance Award: C.J. Herbert 
  • Excellence in Exercise Science Award: Guillermo Pacheco Figueroa 
  • Excellence in Sport Management Award: Lucas Middleton


  • Scholar Athlete Awards: Jimmy Shultz, Sophie Vinson

Honor Societies

Trevecca is pleased to recognize students who were inducted as members of the following academic honor societies during the academic year. 

Phi Delta Lambda 

Phi Delta Lambda is the international honor society of the colleges and universities of the Church of the Nazarene. Membership in the Zeta Chapter of Phi Delta Lambda is the highest academic honor bestowed by Trevecca Nazarene University.

  • Leah Louise Augustine, Social Justice

  • Holly Marie Baldwin, Management and Leadership

  • Sara Anne Bancroft, Psychology

  • Brianne Kelley Black, Management and Leadership

  • Tara Trinette Bledsoe, Management and Leadership

  • Haley Nicole Bowling, Nursing 

  • Madilyn Starr Bremer, English/Dramatic Arts

  • Charles Lester Burchfield, Management and Leadership

  • Mattingly Grace Byrd, Interdisciplinary Studies Elementary Education K-5

  • Michael Jeffrey Carlson, Religion

  • Ana Lucia Chavez, Social Work

  • Alex Clouthier, Business Administration

  • Joshua Robert Connerty, Religion

  • Brianna N. Corbett, Music Performance

  • Kennedy Nicole Crider, Intercultural Studies

  • Sophie Iris Davies, Business Administration

  • Courtney Mae Davis, Interdisciplinary Studies Elementary Education K-5

  • Tyler Reid Dotterer, Religious Studies

  • Karen Yamileth Dzib Hernandez, Nursing   

  • Lindsay Shara Eichenberg, Psychology

  • Riley Jacob Farley, Business Administration

  • Bailee Danyelle Ford, Psychology

  • Mary Margaret Foster, Business Administration

  • Honey Celeste Gardner, Management and Leadership

  • Birgit E. Gonzalez, Health Care Administration

  • Nancy M. Habib, Psychology

  • Chanta Monquene Harlan, Management and Leadership

  • Stephen Douglas Harris, Management and Leadership

  • Maria Renee Hernandez Ayes, Music Commercial

  • Laina Joy Humbles, Management and Leadership

  • Mariam Kerolos Ibraheem, Biology

  • Brayden Chase Jackson, History

  • Gabriela Alondra Jasso, History/Social Justice

  • Kaitlyn Irene Kleppinger, Worship and Church Ministry

  • Isabel Claire Landers, Communication Studies

  • Sarahi Lara Gomez, Social Work

  • Marileigh Ryan Mabry, Social Work

  • Ysabel Christina Mark, Psychology

  • Daniel James Massey, Music Commercial

  • Kenzi Anne Miller, Interdisciplinary Studies Elementary Education K-5

  • Emily Faith Mims, Social Work

  • Lily Isabella Moll, History


  • Rachel Layne Morris, Psychology

  • Anna Gail Myers, Business

  • Michael Needel, Management and Leadership

  • Nathan Lancaster Nichol, Business Administration

  • Chisom Chantal Obike, English

  • Esteban N. Olmos, Graphic Design

  • Kallie Jean Otto, Business Administration

  • Emily Rebekah Palmer, Music Commercial

  • David Leonardo Paz Amaya, Business Administration

  • Daniel Robert Polito, Religion

  • Ashley Nicole Potts, Social Work

  • Payton Alan Price, Intercultural Studies/Psychology

  • Brianna Nicole Salyer, Social Work

  • Jeffrey Cade Salyers, Communication Studies

  • Arsany Youssef Saman, Biology

  • Makarious Youssef Saman, Biology

  • James Lee Shultz II, Religion

  • Patricia Joan Simons, Nursing   

  • Jonathan Dwayne Smith, Biology

  • Gabriel Sosa, Health Care Administration

  • Noah David Starr, Religion

  • Leah Elizabeth Stine, Religion

  • Jaide Ashlee Strickland, Interdisciplinary Studies Elementary Education K-5

  • Andrea Nicole Taylor, Management and Human Relations

  • Payton Taylor, Management and Leadership

  • Katherine Marie Tucker, Management and Leadership

  • Grant Alan Tudor, Business Administration

  • Andrea Daniela Valladares Velasquez, Business Administration

  • Isagani Ronaldo Villavicencio, Music Commercial

  • Sophia Grace Vinson, Business Administration

  • Joseph Viscusi, Management and Human Relations

  • Carol George Wadie, History

  • Bethany Rebecca Warne, Intercultural Studies

  • James Christopher Wash II, Physics/Mathematics Pure

  • Adam Christian Watts, Worship Arts

  • Kera Danae Wern, Business

  • Melissa Renee Wilson, Management and Leadership

  • Katelyn Marie Winans, Management and Leadership

  • Elisha Warren Winde, Music Commercial

  • Ryan James Ziemer, Business Administration


Phi Alpha Theta 

Phi Alpha Theta (ΦΑΘ) is an American honor society for undergraduate and graduate students and professors of history. The society has more than 400,000 members, with some 9,000 new members joining each year through 970 chapters nationwide. Undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 12 semester hours (4 courses) in history, earned in the classroom, online or through AP or transfer credits (or a combination thereof). A minimum GPA of 3.1 in History and 3.0 GPA overall is required.

  • Abigail Adu

  • Carla Arevalo Carbajal

  • Zachary Arrington

  • Estefany Asencio

  • Michael Carlson

  • Micah Holt

  • Brayden Jackson

  • Kaitlyn Kleppinger

  • Chloe Lahmon

  • Elizabeth Landin

  • Katherine McCall

  • Alesia Me-Liana Meade

  • Lily Moll

  • Taiye Monie

  • Lailuma Sayed

  • Josefa Silva

  • Howard Andrew Vosburgh

  • Carol Wadie

  • Erica Wigart


Trevecca Nazarene University Honor Society

Presented at the end of each spring semester, the TNU Honor Society includes those traditional undergraduate students (24 hours and above) who have a cumulative average of 3.5 and have been enrolled full time for the previous fall and spring semesters.



  • Marlene Abskharaun
  • Michaela Adcock
  • Isabella Agee
  • Mirka Alarcon Galeana
  • Ellie Allen
  • Karris Anastasio
  • Riley Anderson
  • Scott Apple
  • Cassidy Attig
  • Daniela Barahona Miranda
  • Meri Barker
  • Malcolm Barrett
  • Grace Beckner
  • Alexandra Behnke
  • Jay Benard
  • Grace Biggerstaff
  • Jessica Bishop
  • Sommer Bright
  • Eleanor Buffler
  • Emilee Bundy
  • Victoria Burchfield
  • Hannah Caffey
  • AnneMarie Campbell
  • Anna Cawthorne
  • Romina Chavez
  • Larkin Cheney-O'shea
  • Alex Clouthier
  • Joshua Clugston
  • Sarah Colwell




  • Clarice Cox
  • Janely Curiel
  • Tilley Davis
  • Nicholas Dikhtyar
  • Kathryn Duncklee
  • Atticus Eby
  • Holly Edwards
  • Hannah England
  • Laura Farley
  • Cecilia Fetters
  • Anna Fitzgerald
  • Cassidy Fleenor
  • Aidan Foriest
  • Ashley Forman
  • Emerald Frost
  • David Gamez Fuentes
  • Olivia Garifalos
  • Danielle Gorre
  • Mary Gray
  • Jenna Gray
  • Elizabeth Gregory
  • Megan Groves
  • Sara Gruber
  • Maylou Guy
  • Mary Hakim
  • Parker Haley
  • Madison Hatcher
  • Justin Headrick
  • Sabrina Hedges




  • Carlos Hernandez Avila
  • Christopher Hodgin
  • Courtney Hodgin
  • Janie Hoffman
  • Josiah Holien
  • Joshua Humphries
  • Kaylee Ingram
  • Brayden Jackson
  • Heidi Jackson
  • Matthew Jeffe
  • Giselle Jerezano
  • Anna Johnson
  • Dylan Kelly
  • Abigail Knell
  • Elizabeth Landin
  • Jewell Langdon
  • Melisa Lara Gomez
  • Meaghan Larkins
  • Abbigail Legg
  • Cristiam Lopez
  • Mayra Lopez
  • Sara Lopez Cruz
  • Raven Lowe
  • Daniel Lucas
  • Emily MacAdam
  • Jeremy Mack
  • Nolan Magee
  • Madison Malone
  • Cesar Marini Chavez





  • Melody Marse
  • Jacob Martinez
  • Lily Maxwell
  • Bethany Maynard
  • Holly McConnell
  • Sydney McCormick
  • Kendyl McCoy
  • Sydney McGowan
  • Carrie McKay
  • Alesia Meade
  • Lizbeth Medina Enamorado
  • Lucas Middleton
  • Bethany Miller
  • Lauren Miller
  • Michael Miller
  • Isabella Moncada
  • Julia Mowry
  • Greydon Munguia Rivas
  • Yoshi Munoz
  • Samantha Neiderhiser
  • Reed Nethercutt
  • Haley Nolan
  • Meagan O'Banion
  • Angel Padron-Cedillo
  • Jeffrey Palomino Gonzalez
  • Riley Peters
  • Hildsy Petrossian
  • Braulio Pimentel
  • Wendy Pineda Diaz
  • Zachary Polk




  • Grace Poole
  • Grace Pulliam
  • Sarah Ramey
  • Erik Reece
  • Elizabeth Reynolds
  • Megan Richardson
  • Kaylah Richey
  • Samantha Roberts
  • Andrew Robinson
  • Chris Rogers
  • Katelyn Roller
  • Caroline Rooks
  • Mia Roth
  • Tracy Roy
  • Tyler Roy
  • Brice Rupert
  • Lily Russell
  • Boone Russell
  • Mina Samer
  • Joshua San Diego
  • Grace Santos Espinoza
  • Alexa Schroeder
  • Brandon Schroeder
  • Regan Selvidge
  • Emily Sheets
  • Ethan Sherrer
  • Barrett Shoemaker
  • Erica Sims
  • Sandy Soliman
  • Houston Sproles




  • Gloria Stotler
  • Natalie Tiller
  • Selah Torralba
  • Fernando Urbina Espinoza
  • Tonya Vahey
  • Cameron Van Der Merwe
  • Carson Vaughn
  • Carlos Velasquez Oliva
  • Claudia Villeda-Rubio
  • Wilson Vrieze
  • Carol Wadie
  • Evelyn Waheeb
  • Sydney Waldrep
  • Annie Warner
  • Alex Webster
  • Rachel Weir
  • Anna White
  • Lindsey White
  • Taylor White
  • Samantha Whiteman
  • Mylee Wiesinger
  • Chandler Wike
  • Elisha Winde
  • Kara Windlan
  • Joshua Windlan
  • Courtney Wojcik
  • Kayla Woods
  • Abby Wright
  • Ian Wright
  • Ashton Young
  • Gustavo Zuniga



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