Trevecca creates new Center for Pastoral Health

Rick Underwood will lead Center for Pastoral Health

Trevecca Nazarene University has established the Center for Pastoral Health, in conjunction with its Graduate Counseling Program. This center will provide holistic ministry to the minds, bodies, and spirits of current pastors and their families in the Church of the Nazarene, other denominations and churches, and para-church organizations. Additionally, the Center will develop programs and services for students in Trevecca’s Millard Reed School of Theology and Christian Ministry and its Center for Worship Arts.
“Trevecca is proud to announce the establishment of the Center for Pastoral Health, a partnership project with the Church of the Nazarene in the Southeast,” President Dan Boone stated. He explained the Center’s origins: “This new center will address two realities: 1) the pressures on ministry that call for therapeutic help for stressed pastors and their families; and 2) Trevecca’s desire to serve the church by providing personal counseling and development training for future ministers. Leading this new center will be Rick Underwood, PhD, a minister and a graduate of Trevecca’s Graduate Counseling Program. Dr. Underwood is experienced in clergy development and is trained to help persons identify their strengths and gifts; furthermore, he has a servant’s heart for helping others.”
In addition to holding a doctorate in clinical counseling, Underwood is also a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and a mental health service provider (MHSP). Additionally, he teaches in the Healthy Sexuality Program in Trevecca’s Graduate Counseling Program.
About his new role and his dreams for the Center, Underwood said, “I am both grateful and honored to serve in this new area of ministry. The Center for Pastoral Health will be a place of help, hope, and healing for clergy and their families.”
Expressing appreciation for Trevecca’s creation of the Center, Larry Leonard, superintendent of the Tennessee District Church of the Nazarene, noted, “When I heard about the possibility of Trevecca establishing a Center for Pastoral Health, I was overjoyed. There is no greater gift the university can give to the local church, the denominational districts, and the general church than this opportunity to strengthen its pastors through proper self-awareness and a healthy spiritual and physical lifestyle . . . . I applaud Trevecca for this progressive statement of service to its constituency.”
The center will be funded by partnerships with Church of the Nazarene districts, donations, and fees for services.
For more information about the Center, contact Underwood by email or phone at 615-248-1213.