Trevecca faculty and staff prepare to present at annual research symposium

The 23rd annual Trevecca Nazarene University Faculty Research Symposium will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 13, in Benson Auditorium. Trevecca faculty members, whether fulltime or adjunct, current or emeritus will have the opportunity to present research that shows their passions outside of the classroom.

“We are a research university and this evening gives an opportunity for those engaged in research to present their work to the Trevecca community,” said Dr. Sam Green, Trevecca’s director of undergraduate research.

Dr. Matthew Huddleston, associate professor of physics, plans to present findings he and his students discovered while conducting various experiments during the August total eclipse.

“I will be presenting TNU observations of the solar eclipse including images and video, and also some data and analysis,” he said.

Huddleston used the telescope and observatory on top of the Greathouse Science Building for this project.

Dr. Mary Ann Meiners, professor of economics in Trevecca’s Skinner School of Business and Technology, says curiosity drove her to investigate the relationship between Belize and Taiwan concerning scholarships for college-age students for her project, “Belize and Taiwan: An Unlikely Friendship.”

“My research was really just driven by curiosity,” Meiners said. “Not many people know of this unique friendship these countries have.”  

Dr. Erica Rhodes Hayden’s research centers on a diary from 1945. Hayden is the first researcher to use this particular primary source in an academic research project. Titled “Sea-Going Cowboys: Aiding Europe in the Wake of World War II,” Hayden’s presentation focuses on volunteers from the United States who travelled to Europe after World War II to help in the rebuilding process, bringing animals with them.

“In my research, I examine the diary of one of these “sea-going cowboys,” written by Eugene Oliver Kinsel, on his trip to Greece in the summer of 1945,” Hayden said. “This is an original source that has not been used in academic research before.”

While scientific projects like Huddleston’s or historical research like Hayden’s might be expected in a research symposium, other faculty members’ presentations are expected to explore the “creative endeavor” side of academic research.

Seth Conley, associate professor of communication studies, will share insight he and his students gleaned while filming “Your Kingdom Come: A Documentary” last spring on location in Israel. The documentary, which premiered last week during Homecoming, focuses on the life of Christ and delves into the concept of the kingdom of God.

Conley says the collaborative nature of the project will shape his presentation on Monday night.

“The media arts, music, Bible and religion fields all collaborated and were a part of this project,” Conley said.

Conley, Hayden, Huddleston and Meiners are just a few of the Trevecca faculty members expected to present during Monday’s research symposium. About 20 faculty and staff members are scheduled to present on various topics and disciplines, ranging from literary criticism and urban health to leadership and magnetic field imaging.

The 23rd annual Trevecca Faculty Research Symposium is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 13, in Benson Auditorium, located in the McClurkan Building. Free refreshments will be available. If you have any questions, contact Sam Green at

By Josh Michel
Media contact: Mandy Crow,, 615-248-1695