Trevecca faculty member—A connection with God’s Not Dead movie

The movie God’s Not Dead, a “new Christian film about faith and the limits one young man will go to in order to defend his belief in God,” has an interesting connection with Trevecca.
When the Newsboys released the song “God’s Not Dead” as a radio single and then the album God’s Not Dead in 2011,  Dean Diehl, director of Trevecca’s Music Business Program, was their consultant.

“When they first played the song for me, I mentioned to their manager, Wes Campbell, that the phrase ‘God’s not dead’ sounded like a movement, not simply a song,” explained Diehl. Subsequently, Diehl and Campbell had several meetings, which resulted in Diehl’s being hired to develop multiple products around the idea “God’s not dead.”
In 2012 and 2013, Diehl worked with Thomas Nelson and Pureflix Entertainment to develop a book by author Rice Broocks and the movie God’s Not Dead. Diehl’s role was coordinating the marketing strategies of three entities involved with the movie: Inpop Records, the label that released the album by the Newsboys; Thomas Nelson; and Pureflix.
Since January of 2014, when Diehl accepted a position with a competitor of Pureflix Entertainment, he has been watching the progress of the movie from the sidelines. “Seeing everything that Wes and I envisioned in 2011 finally coming to fruition has been very satisfying,” added Diehl.