Trevecca graduate builds personal training business while studying physical therapy in grad school

When he’s not attending class or studying for physical therapy school at Tennessee State University, you can find recent Trevecca grad, Colton Fincher, on campus in the wellness center treating clients for his new business, Anabolic Physio.

Building a brand

Fincher developed his brand, Anabolic Physio, in January 2018 and met his goal of turning it to a limited liability company (LLC) earlier this month.

“I have a loyal following on my social media and am continuing to try and develop my brand,” Fincher said.

His longest serving client since 2015, Becky Scott, administrative assistant in Trevecca’s Department of Exercise Science, is a success story for both Fincher and Scott.

Recovering from two torn hips, Scott has worked with Fincher since her injuries in 2015.

When Scott began training with Fincher, she was barely able to walk. This year, Scott will be running a half marathon. Most importantly, she’s achieved her fitness goals without requiring any surgeries.

“It was not an easy process but I could see light at the end of the tunnel,” Scott said. “It’s been a long recovery, but we've gone slow. I went from barely able to function to doing my first half-marathon with no experience in running and not having any surgeries and that was all done by working with Colton.”

Fincher says he was conservative in her training and the intensity, but over time her hip drastically improved.

“Seeing her succeed through physical therapy gives me a greater platform to help people safely meet their fitness needs,” Fincher said.

Discovering a passion for fitness

Fincher began his journey in physical fitness in 2012 lifting weights in high school. During this time, Fincher started to seriously consider competitive bodybuilding.

In 2017, he competed in his first bodybuilding show Jackson, Tenn., located in West Tennessee.

His personal passion for fitness led Fincher into pursuing a career as a physical therapist.

It’s that same passion for his personal fitness that Fincher brings to his studies in physical therapy school and aims to inspire in his clients.

Fincher attributes some of his success in his business and PT school to the strengths of Trevecca’s exercise science program.

“I think the program at Trevecca is so well-rounded compared to other schools,” Fincher added. “Now that I’m in PT school, I’m coming across skills and topics that I’ve already been exposed to while at Trevecca.”

Trevecca’s exercise science program intentionally prepares students for graduation and physical therapy school, says Dr. Aaron Hall, an assistant professor of exercise science at Trevecca.

“We've restructured the program to create a shift in the rigors of getting into graduate school and changed it to meet those needs,” Hall said.

Hall, a new father, feels an increased responsibility to give students the best education. He views them as an extension of his own family and is committed to ensuring they are prepared for graduate school.

“To see Colton go above and beyond what is expected of a student gives me personal pride,” Hall added.

Fincher says the Trevecca experience is unique because of the relationships developed on campus with professors like Hall.

“I understand you get out what you put in especially in education,” Fincher said. “I think the connections that I built with my professors who are experts in what they are teaching and putting myself out there to be around them was something that really drove my success.”

To find out more about Fincher’s company, Anabolic Physio, click here. Follow him on Instagram @coltonfincher. Learn more about Trevecca’s exercise science program at

By Blake Stewart
Media contact: Mandy Crow,, 615-248-1695