Trevecca groups learn and serve around the globe

Current Trevecca students and employees are living a Trevecca motto of the past, which stated, “The sun never sets on Trevecca students.” Each year Trevecca students participate in a variety of trips—some for educational experiences/learning, others for mission service/mission activities, and others for learning and service combined—to places east and west so that Trevecca students almost circle the globe. This year’s trips included the following:

Thirteen students and two Trevecca-employee sponsors spent spring break in Jamaica, where they helped repair a church, worked in an orphanage, and worked with underprivileged children in a community center.

In April, Trevecca employees Jamie Casler and Jason Adkins participated with U.S. leaders of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) in a week of training for regional leaders of NCM-Africa. Casler and Adkins, who were invited to be part of this event by the regional coordinator of NCM-Africa, taught about biblical social justice and about methods of environmental farming. The two also spent a week in meetings with NCM-Africa, exploring ways that the two organizations can develop projects in partnership.  Casler directs Trevecca’s J. V. Morsch Center for Social Justice, and Adkins is Trevecca’s coordinator of environmental projects.

Two groups of thirteen students and two sponsors participated in mission trips in May. The group that went to Swaziland worked with orphans of parents with AIDS and helped renovate the library on one of the branch campuses of South African Nazarene University. The other group, also composed of thirteen students and two sponsors, went to Ecuador to assist new missionaries there with church planting efforts. They canvassed neighborhoods, conducted Bible studies, and hosted showings of the Jesus Film and events for children.

In June, thirteen students, accompanied by two members of the faculty of the Millard Reed School of Theology and Christian Ministry, will spend two weeks in Moldova, Romania, and Bulgaria in a “mission study abroad” experience. During the first week, Trevecca students and students from Eastern Europe will attend a theology class, taught by a Trevecca religion professor. Students will spend the second week engaging in mission activities.

As part of Trevecca’s Immerse Program, five Trevecca students are giving twelve weeks of their summer vacation to serve in mission work in two parts of Europe. Amanda Sparrow and Kristen Koon are serving in Poland (Eastern Europe), and Chelsea Hudson, Lauren Conway, and Kylie Kohlhoff are serving in Croatia (Central Europe).

Two groups of Trevecca students participated in May trips with different purposes. Twenty-six members of the Madrigalians, an acappella ensemble, and their sponsors are currently in the middle of a three-week tour of Europe, where they are presenting concerts in Churches of the Nazarene and in cathedrals. Twelve theatre students accompanied by two alumni spent six days in New York City as part of a bi-annual theatre travel seminar. During this trip students attended and responded to eight or nine professional theatre productions in NYC, talked with a working artist and a local pastor about life in the city, participated in professional workshops with theatre artists at the Big Apple Playback Theatre and the Puppet Kitchen, and engaged in a Q & A talkback with professional actors.

The travels of these groups coupled with the mission work of other Trevecca alumni in the world means that during this summer the sun truly will not be able to “set on Trevecca students.”

*Picture: Trevecca students in NYC for theatre travel seminar