Trevecca partners with Blood:Water Mission to fund clean water in Africa

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Trevecca Nazarene University is pleased to announce a new partnership with Blood:Water Mission that will help give clean water in Africa. When a person applies to a Trevecca Adult Studies or graduate program, Trevecca will contribute $5 to Blood:Water Mission. With each of those $5 gifts, Blood:Water Mission will provide clean water for five Africans for one year.

Representatives of Trevecca and Blood:Water explain that this partnership is the result of their mutual commitment to serve others. "The story of Blood:Water started in the hallways and classrooms of colleges and universities with students who desired to see the world as it is—with its hurts and its hopes—and use their talents and career aspirations to make a difference.  We are honored to partner with Trevecca as they inspire students in their vocation and equip them with the resources to make a lasting impact, wherever the journey may lead them," explained Jena Lee Nardella, founder and chief strategy officer for Blood:Water Mission.

Trevecca affirms the shared goals of these partners. “Trevecca is pleased to be a partner with an organization who shares this university’s core value of service to the community. Trevecca is grateful for the work of Blood:Water Mission and the win-win scenario this partnership creates,” commented Julie Rigbsy, director of enrollment management for Trevecca’s College of Lifelong Learning.

This new partnership means that adults who have been thinking about returning to college now have another reason to take that initial step and apply for admission to one of Trevecca’s programs for adult learners. Their application will mean that five Africans will have clean water for a whole year. Click here to apply as a graduate or adult studies student.