Trevecca senior recalls the “Wise Guys” of Wise Hall

When Trevecca senior Emily Davis heard that the University was planning to completely remodel Wise Hall, she knew she had to live in the new and improved apartments.

“I’ve always wanted to live there,” said Davis, who is majoring in mathematics and physics at Trevecca Nazarene University.

Among many renovations done on Trevecca’s campus, Wise Hall now boasts many changes and additions. Now an apartment complex built to accommodate six people per apartment unit, with a home-sized kitchen, dining room and two-shower bathrooms, Wise Hall presents a different option for on-campus living.

Before improvements were made, Wise Hall’s set-up allowed for two people per apartment unit, had one bathroom and the bedroom had no separation from the kitchen. However, with the bigger space needed to accommodate six people, Wise Hall currently has only six apartment units. People wanting to live in Wise Hall next year will have to be quick to fill those slots in on the on-campus housing forms.

Emily is excited she is among the first to be trying out the renovated building. Content to be living with five other friends and to be cooking her own meals, Emily doesn’t mind the longer walk from her apartment to class. Emily compared the Wise Hall experience as similar to being a freshman in Georgia Hall.  

Although she recognizes the longer walk it is when compared to other apartment complexes she’s lived in before, Emily enjoys the community that the new Wise Hall set-up allows her to have.

“There’s a lot of space,” Davis said. “I think for the first open dorms we had 13 friends to cook for. And we all had space in our living room. It’s definitely a pro to living there.”

The building was completely overhauled over the summer, a decision that came after talk of demolishing Wise Hall. For Davis, the thought of erasing Wise Hall from the campus was disheartening.

“My dad lived in Wise Hall when he was here back in the 80’s,” Davis said. “I thought it was cool to be able to live in the same building he did.

“When my dad and his friends were here, Benson had just been built. Wise Hall had no air conditioning, and the ‘Wise guys’ thought they were so cool and strong and tough living in Wise instead of in Benson,” Davis continued.

Davis said the current layout of the apartment complex is very similar to the way it used to be in the 80’s.

“It was actually eight people [per apartment] when my dad lived in Wise,” Davis said. “The kitchen room was another bedroom, and so it’s similar to the way it’s set up now. But it was more of a dorm than an apartment. I like the way it’s set up now, though. Six people are good enough for me.”

By Hilda Elvir
Media contact: Mandy Crow,, 615-248-1695