Trevecca senior wants to serve her home country

Set to graduate this May, Hannah Somboon hopes that her degree will help her minister alongside her parents in Thailand, working to end human trafficking.

“Through the educational and spiritual guidance I’ve received from my professors and peers, my hope has grown from simply being able to afford college into using my education to minister to my people in Thailand," she said.

Hannah’s parents started a ministry in Thailand that provides education and safe living spaces for at-risk children as well as those rescued from slavery.

“Most of our children are with us because their parents have life-sentences in prison due to drug dealing and addiction issues,” Somboon said. “Some ended up unwanted by their parents because of broken marriages. Some were sold as child-brides, and many were neglected by parents and abused by relatives. My heart is broken for these people and at the same time restored by them and for them.

“I'm committed to dedicate my life to raise and train these children in the way of the Lord by raising funds to provide for them and making changes to make our ministry self-sufficient and improve their quality of life,” she continued.

Somboon wants to walk alongside the people of northern Thailand and help to grow the church to serve the Kingdom of God efficiently. Seeing the need for biblical resources in Thailand, she'd love to one day translate biblical materials into her language.

“The education I'm receiving from the religion professors here has humbled me and shaped me away from my own needs and wants,” Somboon said. “I was convicted that the life Jesus lived ought to be the breath that I breathe. The blessings and privilege that the Lord allowed me to have are not to be taken for granted.”

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