Trevecca student appears in Unconditional

Unconditional, released September 21, has special significance for Trevecca junior Rachel Jeanette, who also appears in the movie. The movie tells the story of Nashville-native Joe Bradford and his efforts to help inner-city kids through the Unity Choir, in which 200 inner-city kinds sing. 

When she was 16, Rachel began helping with the Unity Choir through her friendship with the Bradford family. Rachel, who is a singer herself and a commercial music major at Trevecca, was so impressed with what Unity Choir was doing in the lives of the children involved that she has continued to help with the Choir all during her college years. Rachel described what her experiences with the Unity Choir have taught her: “I first went to the Choir in order to help them with their music, but they have changed me. These kids--who have so few of the things that many people take for granted—have taught me how to live in thankfulness, how to forgive, and how to live above the storms of life.”

Unconditional tells how God’s unconditional love, shared by Joe Bradford, can change lives. It is currently being shown in Thoroughbred Theatres and at Opry Mills Theatre.