Trevecca students start semester with service

As a kick-off to the Fall 2018 semester, 450 of Trevecca’s newest students spent yesterday morning living out the University’s core value of service at various ministry sites around the city.

Known as CityLINK Service Day, the yearly day of service serves as the unofficial start to the semester. Megan McGhee, Trevecca’s director of first year programs, hopes the tradition helps to set the tone for the new year while also introducing new students to Trevecca’s core values.

“As Trevecca’s mission centers around providing education for leadership and service, we feel it is important to provide the newest members of our community the opportunity to serve in our neighborhood,” she said. “We feel it is crucial that students understand that to be a leader, you must first be a servant.”

Students, mentors and leaders spent the morning serving at 18 sites around the city, including St. Luke’s Community House, the Antioch Family Resource Center, Glencliff High School, Room at the Inn, the Trevecca Towers and more.

CityLINK Service Day also helps new students to learn more about Nashville and ways they can engage with the city and neighborhoods that surround campus while completing their degrees.

“A special part of what I feel makes our Trevecca students unique is their heart and passion for caring for others,” McGhee said. “As such, a major facet of our focus during CityLINK Service Day is to connect students with organizations in the Nashville area that they can be continue to be a part of during their time at Trevecca. We want to give them an in-person introduction to the ways they can take their passion for caring into our surrounding neighborhoods.”

For freshman Sarah Wadles, the chance to start the semester by serving was special.

“Service Day got me out into my new home, my new community and it made me love it as much as I love Trevecca,” she said.

Mark Mahan, also a freshman, said the chance to engage with the city gave him a new point of view.

“It gave me a completely view on life, going from a small city to a big city,” he said.  

Classes begin today for Trevecca’s traditional undergraduate students.

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