Trevecca women’s basketball team to minister in Mexico this May

Earthquake victims in Mexico will get a few more pairs of helping hands this May.

Between May 8-15, Trevecca’s women’s basketball team will be travelling to the Chiapas region of Mexico to help rebuild housing in the area heavily impacted by the recent earthquakes.

The team will also have the chance to teach sports skills and do activities with the orphans in the area.

“We are going to set our feet in a place we have never been,” said Chad Hibdon, head coach of the Trevecca women’s basketball team.

The group will consist of three coaches and all of the players on the women's basketball team.

Hidbon knows the spiritual importance of this trip.

“Our team has four pillars that we abide by: give, grow, love and win,” he said. “We are doing all those things on this trip. As a group, we were called to do something more, so we prayed about it and got with Shawna Gaines and the TAG (Trevecca Around the Globe) group. God put it on our hearts to serve,” Hidbon said.

The players are just as excited for the opportunity to serve this summer.

“I believe this trip will be the ultimate bonding experience for our team. God has given us the ability and opportunity to help families in Mexico, and we are beyond excited to be able to answer this call,” said Callie Hackett, team captain.

The team’s main purpose will be to share the gospel and set an example of love through service, according to Hidbon. He wants his players to take a break from their lessons on the court so they can learn the most important lesson of all.

“Love is the language that speaks the loudest,” he said. “We will be the hands and the feet and the hearts of Christ and let God's work be done.”

“This trip is a way for Trevecca students to reach out to others that are not as fortunate as us and a way for us to spread the love of Christ to them while we are there,” said Josh Epperson, assistant coach of the women’s basketball team.

“The best way to support this trip is first of all and most importantly, through prayers. Prayers for safe travels, prayers that we can have a positive influence on everyone we meet as I’m sure they will have on us,” he said. “Secondly, any financial support would be welcome. The more money we are able to raise, the more we can give back to the community and all that they have lost.”

To donate to the trip, visit or call the Office of External Relations at 615-248-1355.

By Josh Michel
Media contact: Mandy Crow,, 615-248-1695