Trevecca’s Social Work Program continues progress toward national accreditation

Trevecca’s Social Work Program has advanced again in its effort to achieve accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), the professional accrediting body for social work programs in the United States.
Since the faculty of the Social Work Program began the application process in May 2010, the program has hosted three annual “site visits” by representatives of the CSWE. Each of the first two visits was followed by CSWE’s granting the program another year of candidacy status. In May the program hosted its third site visit in May, and in October of this year, CSWE will vote on another year of candidacy status. If the program is granted a third year of candidacy status, its final site visit will take placein the spring of 2014, and the vote for full accreditation could occur in October of 2014.

During these three years of site visits and the preparation of the necessary application reports, CSWE representatives have guided Trevecca’s Social Work faculty about the best ways to strengthen the program.

Ron Maurer, director of Trevecca’s Social Work Program, described how the process worked: “The site visitors have played an advisor role, making concrete suggestions about what changes we might need to make, the best ways to make changes, and suggestions about ways to strengthen the program.”

Maurer noted these changes in the program: an increased number of hours required for the social work practicum, the addition of an application process for admission to the program, and the formation of the Trevecca Social Work Advisory Council to advise the program.

“Trevecca sought this accreditation because undergoing this application process will result in a stronger, better Social Work Program for our students and for Trevecca. Professional accreditation will signify to our current students, future students, parents, educators, and the general public that Trevecca’s Social Work Program has gone the extra mile to provide the best possible social work education,” noted Maurer.