Trevechoes editor-in-chief lands competitive Dow Jones internship

After spending a semester in New York at King’s College and working for Newsweek Magazine, Trevecca student Maria Monteros landed an internship with the Dow Jones Network.

“My professor sent an email to three different students and told us about an opening at News Fund,” said Monteros, a journalism major and rising senior. “He also wanted us to send resumes to anyone who needed an intern. I sent out resumes and clips, and after a few days I got a response from Dow Jones.”

Monteros will be writing for Moneyish, which is part of MarketWatch, one of the network’s publications. Participants get hands-on experience, extensive training, professional development and more. Monteros’ internship will last from June 3 to Aug 9 and will take place in New York City.

According to JoEllen Weedman, associate professor of communication studies, getting an internship with Dow Jones is not easy to accomplish.

“It's exceptionally competitive and required multiple rounds of interviews and trial stories,” Weedman said. “[Monteros] was competing against students—many of them graduate students—from across the country. Her initiative and courage is something I admire.”

Monteros was born in the Philippines and said her experiences helped shape who she is now. She moved to the United States only three years ago and feels blessed for the opportunities she has received. She said her support system continues to give her courage.

“A lot of people believe in me, and, in turn, I believe in myself,” Monteros said.

When she returns in the fall, Monteros will start her position as Trevechoes editor-in-chief.

“It’s an honor to be Trevechoes editor-in-chief,” Monteros said. “There aren’t a lot of students that can get that position and to be able to play that role is not only important for me career-wise, but for me as a person.”

Weedman said the multimedia journalism program is designed to give students real-world experience and help them hone the skills they need to land internships. She said Monteros’ work ethic and courage makes her a valuable asset to Trevecca’s community, and will give her an advantage when applying for jobs after graduation.

“Maria works tirelessly until a story is finished,” Weedman said. “She is thorough and thoughtful and she carefully reports and writes stories.  Her work ethic and attention to detail will serve the campus and help keep our community informed.”

By Kayla Williamson
Media contact: Mandy Crow,, 615-248-1695